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Got $200? Cheap Cars at Oregon Government Auctions

Did you know that if you have got $200 cheap cars at Oregon Government Auctions are available for you to buy? Most people do know that the government auctions for used cars starts at prices as low as just a $100. This is because there are large numbers of vehicles seized on a daily basis by the police department over legal issues like non repayment of loans, evading of taxes and criminal acts which result in their vehicles being confiscated. Storage and maintenance of these vehicles is a financial burden on the government and the only solution to this is to dispose of the vehicles at the earliest. This can be done only if the vehicles are sold off dirt cheap and at least part of the loan amount gets recovered. Putting these vehicles up for auction is another way to speed up the sales as this gives more public exposure to the vehicles.  

Repo auctions give the best value for money

These are vehicles which have been confiscated because the buyers have not repaid their loans and have defaulted on the installments. If the loan has not been cleared as yet the vehicle cannot be too old and may still be under warranty. Getting a vehicle which is almost brand new at a rock bottom price is a real great deal and you can save thousand of dollars on such a transaction. Confiscated vehicles are available at repo auctions, police auctions and at any of the vehicle auctions too. Not only are these cheap cars, they also have clear titles and are being sold legally.  

Police auctions also have a wide range of vehicles which are in top condition and are sold at highly discounted prices. Here again you need not worry about the legality of the deals and can be sure that the vehicles have not been misused in anyway. The maintenance of these vehicles has been the best and those who handle police vehicles are always experienced drivers. Vehicles from police auctions are another good bet as cheap cars which are in great shape.  

Locating repo and police vehicles

You can find cars from the repo auctions as well as the police auctions at most of the local auctions and other used car auctions too. To seek out details about the auctions you can do an online search according to the location, and you will get all the details which you are looking for this way. Not only will you get the date, venue and time of the auction you will also get a comprehensive list of all the vehicles which are being put up for sale too. Information on auctions can be found in the classified advertisements which are in the daily news letters or you could go directly to the police departments which deal in the sales of repo vehicles and find out where their next used car sale is going to be. For vehicles which have been confiscated because of non repayment of loans to the banks you can go directly to the banks and find out details about the vehicles which have been confiscated by them recently which means during the past few days.

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