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Fleet Car Auctions: Locate all makes and models for less at fleet car auctions

The cars that are put up for auction at Fleet Car Auctions are from the police or defense fleet which are now going to be replaced with newer vehicles. These are well maintained and carefully used vehicles that have been driven by very experienced drivers. So though they are being sold as used cars, the condition of these vehicles is as good as brand new. You can get vehicles of all makes and models at the Fleet Car Auctions. These fleet cars are also auctioned at US Government car auctions, Used Car auctions and online auto auctions.

How and where are these auctions conducted?

These auctions are conducted for the public all over the country through auctioneers who are registered with the government. Some of the auctions are conducted by US Government car auctions, Used Car auctions and online auto auctions.  Fleet Car Auctions are held regularly in all the states of the countries, and to participate the bidder must register prior to the sale, and will be given a particular bidder number to be identified by. This is a free registration with no registration fee.

Inspect the vehicles of your choice

Sometimes an inspection day may be scheduled and all buyers could inspect their vehicles on this day. If not the checking could be done before the sales. As there are hundreds of vehicles it is good to give yourself enough time to see as many as you can, as if you have a choice of a few vehicles even if you do not get the first choice you may be able to clinch a deal with your next choice.

All auctioneers such as the Fleet Car Auctions, Government car auctions, Used Car auctions and online auto auctions permit you to check the vehicles both on the inside and on the outside thoroughly. You are also permitted to rev up the engine and see how it is functioning. The only thing you are not allowed to do is to take the vehicle off the premises.

These well maintained and carefully used vehicles at the Fleet Car Auctions can be bought for a song and you could end up the owner of a fabulous vehicle at a price well below the market value of the car.

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