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Find Quality Cars for Sale at San Jose CA Car Auctions

The “capital of Silicon Valley” is the seat of engineering and technology in the country or perhaps the rest of the world. But it also means traffic congestion, and as one of the biggest cities in the state, you definitely need a reliable car to get you around.

When you want a cheaper but dependable used car, you can participate in San Jose car auctions.

The Best Things about Car Auctions in San Jose

More people are joining auto auctions in San Jose, CA, as they experience themselves the benefits of doing so:

  1. They have access to hundreds of vehicles. A single car auction can have more than a hundred cars that are up for bidding. Now if there are at least 2 car auctions in the city within a week, that means in less than 7 days, you can see over 200 of them! And because you have so many options, finding the right and quality car should no longer be very difficult.
  2. Many cars are from great brands. There’s a reason why the likes of Hummer, BMW, and Chrysler are so hot in the market: not only do they manufacture beautiful, gorgeous cars, they also sell some of the toughest ones. They require not a lot of maintenance, and they can last for a very long time.
  3. You can now buy them at a very affordable price. First, you can buy them according to how much you’re willing to spend for the vehicles. Of course, you need to base your quote to other values like their trade-in or market value–you can’t buy a Lexus for a little over $2,000—but rather you have more control.

    Further, since many cars are up for auctions, it’s possible that some of them will have only very few bidders. This works to your advantage as auctioneers can drastically reduce the minimum bid price, and less competition means a bigger chance of getting it at a cool cost. It therefore becomes possible to own a vehicle that is at least 50% to 70% its book value price.

  4. You can join government auctions. Many bidders, including dealers, are now participating in government auctions based on the assumption that vehicles from federal and state agencies are well taken care of. They are properly maintained as they do allot budget for that, and they are less likely to sell a vehicle that has a bad title.


  1. Don’t forget to attend inspections. This is the most opportune time to personally check the quality of the vehicle from inside out.
  2. Inspect with a professional auto mechanic. These professionals know what defects to look for in a vehicle.
  3. Test drive before you officially close the deal. Although not all types of car auctions will allow you to do this, if it does, take advantage of it.
  4. Secure financing before you bid. This way, you have a better idea how much you can go for each bid, and you’re not at the mercy of lenders chosen by the auctioneers.

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