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Find Cheap Repo Cars at Atlanta Government auctions

Police auctions of the San Antonio Government have some of the most affordable and well maintained cars which will make a great buy if you can get to them. Keeping a regular look out for such government auctions and find out details about the cars which are sold at them. If you register with the auctioneers they will let you have the comprehensive list of vehicles which are going to be auctioned and you can short list what is suitable for you.

Do some research on the vehicles

Once you have made a list of the vehicles that suit your requirement make it a point to go personally and inspect them. The auctioneers give permission to those who have registered with them to carry out an inspection on the spot and look at the interiors, exteriors and even check the engine after running it and revving it up to see the engine sounds. This way you are aware of what the repairs might be and how much it will cost you. Based on this and the market value of the vehicle you can budget your maximum bid for it.
Always check out the market value of the vehicle you have short listed at any of the vehicles auctions so that you have a rough idea of how much it would cost at any of the used car auctions. Prices at the repo auctions are less than 50% of the market value and this is how you can get cheap cars at the various gov auctions.

Loans for used cars

If you are running short of money to buy your car at the auction you can always apply for a bank loan towards buying it. The auctioneers themselves will assist you in getting a loan from any one of the financial institutions which are available at the auctions to finance people. It is best to check out all the loan possibilities earlier so that you can take one which has the lowest interest rates. If you wait until you get to the auctioneers you will not have any time left to do some research on used car loans. Instead it is better to scout around before you get there and find out about the various sources for such loans.

This search could be done online too and you would not have to run around from one bank to another. The banks will send you all the information you require and the forms for applying for the loans too.

Another problem with used car loans is that the banks are not too happy about it and charge a higher rate of interest often. The car dealers are often hand in glove with the loan givers and get a commission on the loan as they are involved in getting the bank this business and also assisting the buyer with the loan. By getting a loan directly you will be avoiding all these extra expenses.

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