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Financing The Country Through Seized Cars

A country needs some revenues to finance its government to run.  The main revenues the country get is through its tax payers.  Every year, billions of dollars are collected by every government from its law abiding citizens.  But it is almost a mistake that its law breaking citizens are not contributing to the revenues of the country. Almost everyone, whether one follows the rules or not, has in little way contributed to finance the running of their individual country.


The internal revenue agent is the most dreaded person a shrewd tax payer would not like to welcome into his house.  However, this agents are usually the one who coerced these crooks to contribute in little way to the country, by seizing properties especially, cars.  Millions of cars are seized by the internal revenue agent from tax evaders who is not even interested to file their income tax return.  This seized cars will be placed in the public auction where interested bidders can get the car of their choice from the tax escape artists. Perhaps, even if the real amount of the evaded tax will not be remitted, at least the government will somehow profit from the seized car.

Not only tax evaders can the government get the revenue it wanted.  Another source of income are the contraband cars.   Some countries imposed a large amount of tax to luxury cars so that the price will be doubled. Take for example in the Philippines, more cars are seized every day in its customs because of higher customs charges making it an expensive commodity in this nation.  While luxury cars which only finds its way into the richer market, there are always a market for the middle class.  In order to meet the market, smugglers find its way on how to smuggle things to evade from customs.  But the men in customs has always the nose of finding cars.  When seized, cars are then auctioned enabling those who cannot afford the market price to pay the car in lesser price.  But the case is not like that, especially if competition is around.  The price of a car can almost be the same or even higher. 

The government can get revenues either through its good citizen or the bad one. It is always interesting to note that cars, even if seized, are always an interesting commodity for a government to profit from.

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