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Most people do not know that some of the best deals in auto auction are usually found in auto auctions initiated by the government. While auto auctions are usually organized by  used car dealers, the government also has its own version of bidding on its idled car for the interested .  This government initiated bidding has become a haven to some cost conscious bidders considering the wide variety of choices one can find in this event at the lesser cost. Likewise, it would be a great bonus for these bidders considering that they will be getting the cheaper bargain in these auctions.

One might wonder how could the government obtain these cars for bidding.  If one would closely examine in the newspapers, thousands of vehicles are being seized by the government from apprehended law breakers. Properties from these nabbed individuals are usually seized under the custody of the government. Seized vehicles are being placed in a designated government lot.  As time comes, these vehicles will consume most of the spaces that would make a heavy burden for the government custodian to take care of.  As a result, these vehicles will be auctioned to the public, a way of disposing them. Leaving these vehicles to rot would only add to the growing problems on garbage disposal. The auction will put these vehicles into good use by looking for some potential owners to buy them.  Not only will the government save the necessary space and inventory of these items, it can also generate additional revenues.  Aside from the seized cars, lots of cars used in the government were turned into an idled one. Selling them would put into good use instead of just leaving them around. It would be another income generating act for the government which would be another cash cow for the source of revenue.

Seizing agencies in the government, like the police and other investigative bodies, are usually the ones who initiate auction activities when needed. With the primary goal of disposing the said properties, these agents would also take the opportunity to get the best deal among its bidders. Some goernment auction events are very tempting to bidders where one can find SUV’s and luxury cars, while there are also auction events which does not have any spice cars to bid for.  While luxury cars are usually an attraction, it is not always the catch for the bidders.  What matters most to the bidders are the cheaper deals they can get from these government initiated auctions.

When participating in any government auto auction, one must be cautious to the conditions attached in acquiring them.  Considering that the goal of the government is to dispose the vehicle, these are usually sold in “As is” basis.  The buyer is incapable of claiming liabilities from the government for the poor quality of vehicle it sold. Adding to the fact that these cars are seized, cannibalized cars are always a possibility.  One way of bailing out from these probms is to have a prior check of the vehicle before intending to bid for it.  In this way, one can always protect his investment in cars.

However, there are also vehicles that are not used by some agencies.  These will only add to the cost in the form of maintenance and gasoline consumption which will drain tax payers money.  A way of recovering from the cost of acquiring these vehicle is through government auction. Since these cars are still in good condition, bidders will always go for it.

Luxury cars are always an attraction to all government initiated auctions.  However, bidders must also be cautious on how bidding will result into.  Cars are usually sold at prices much below marketvalue because of the absence of competition.

The advantage of participating in government auctions is the absence of the buyer’s fee. In other non-government initiated auction, a buyer will be burdened to pay for the fee which is a source of profit to its organizers. One of the additional burden is payment of taxes. Since government is the one initiating this events, bidding prices are always free of tax.   This is the juicer part of this auctions. However, because of the competition, bidders are usually crowding to any government auction.

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