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For those dealers who do not have licenses, the greatest set back is not being able to buy cars at auctions which are exclusively for dealers only and are not open to the public. They also have restrictions on the number of cars that they can sell in a year. So to loose out on two factors which is not being permitted to attend dealers only car auctions and then not being able to sell as many cars as they have procured from other sources like used car auctions, repo car auctions and seized car auction, is a heavy loss for these dealers. So to avail of all these benefits it is better to get yourself a dealer’s license and make things more profitable for yourself.

How do dealers with licenses get more benefits?

There are many auctions which are held privately only for wholesale car dealers and these auctions can only be attended by those dealers who possess dealers’ licenses. So the vehicles that these dealers can pick up are many more and the prices are very cheap too. They do not have a limit as per state laws as to how many cars they can sell per year; they can buy cars from wholesale dealers of new vehicles for very low rates; they can assist their families and friends in getting vehicles for them with their dealers license, buy tax free parts for your cars as well as for your friends and relatives from dealers who give them discounted rates and tax free purchases, and many other such benefits which will save them thousands of dollars. So these are the many benefits that dealers with licenses have and they can get the best deals from dealers’ only car auctions as well as from used car auctions, repo car auctions and seized car auction. 

So if you want to make big money and do it the proper way, get yourself a dealer’s license and go to the dealers’ only car auctions or to any of the other used car auctions like the repo car auctions and the seized car auctions and buy and sell these cars off at a sizeable profit.

Many people would love to be able to get to the dealers’ only car auctions, but are unable to do so as they do not have the necessary license. So do not think of the initial cost but the long term benefits of attending a dealers’ only car auction.

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