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Dealer Car Auctions: Can I also attend one?

Dealer car auctions are easily the best among all the auctions which are taking place in the country. Though there are several other vehicle auctions like the repo auctions, police auctions and government auctions, there is nothing to beat the car dealer auctions. The only draw back which could be the issue here is that only dealers can bid for cars at these auctions and have to be registered with the auctioneer as dealers earlier. However, there is a way out in ever situation and even here the car dealer can take along anyone who is interested in buying cheap cars as a representative of theirs. This will give you the opportunity of viewing the vehicles which are being auctioned along with the car dealer.

Dealer car auctions register cars only in their names

Going to a used car auction as the representative of a dealer has only one catch to it, and this is that the car will have to be registered in the dealer’s name as the payment will have to be in the name of the dealer. Once you buy the car off the dealer the car will be transferred to your name. These cars are really worth buying as the prices are far below what you would pay for them in the open market. Dealers know how to look for the best cars and will avoid those which have been in major accidents. They find out about this through special equipment which shows up the thickness of paint and if this is found over a large portion of the vehicle it is obvious that major repairs were done on it. So going to local auctions along with a dealer as his representative definitely has its benefits.

Benefits of getting a car through a dealer

Get to know a car dealer in your own locality and make sure that you attend the live auctions in your vicinity along with him. This way he will pick a good vehicle for you which has not been in any major mishap and which does not have too much of repair work in its history. Vehicles that have taken too much of a beating are not very good buys and it is better to search out ones which have all the original parts in them.

Apart from helping you in selecting a car with minimum flaws you can also get the assistance of a dealer in case you need a loan to buy the car. The dealers have a good rapport with the various organizations that lend money for used cars and you will be able to walk away with your car quite easily with a readily available loan.

How to get a good car dealer

You could search for all the local car dealers on the internet, but it is better to get to know more about them through sources and other buyers so that you are sure of the integrity of the dealer. Some car dealers get a good reputation for always getting the best used vehicles and it would be your good luck to get one of these to help you.

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