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Connecticut has luxury dream cars at Government auctions

Connecticut has luxury dream cars at Government auctions and if you would like to own a used car which is a luxury model then go to the government auction to bid for repo cars and confiscated ones. Seized and repo cars are sold at repo auctions and also at various other vehicle auctions. The government auctions have cars which are being auctioned by the various departments of the government and also those that have been confiscated from criminals and people who have failed to pay their taxes and their loan installments too. There are luxury cars like Cadillacs, Hondas, BMWs, SUVs and other large cars sold at the government auctions for ridiculously low prices.

Why are repo cars sold cheap

Repo cars are sold cheap because there are thousands of cars being seized everyday and storing and maintaining them is a problem. Instead if they are sold at low prices at various used car auctions which are open to the public the cars will get sold faster and there will be more space available for the newer lot of cars which will be coming in. Apart from this it does cost the government a lot of money for storage and maintenance of these cars and this expense can also be avoided if the vehicles are sold off faster. These live auctions take place at regular intervals in every town in the country and there is more scope of disposing them this way.

Do not be disappointed if you do not get your dream car at this auction

Often the luxury cars get bought up very fast by the expert bidders who have been in the business of bidding for years or who are actually car dealers and are very sharp at clinching bids. The better the car the more people will be out bidding for it and you may not get your dream car initially when you bid for it. However, do not despair as these auctions will keep happening again and if you keep a watch you will be able to find a similar car at one of the nest local auctions or online auctions.

You would have to maintain an alert watch on the listings and data bases of all the auctioneers so that you do not miss another chance. If you register with the auctioneers online they will give you a comprehensive list of the vehicles which will be put up for auction at the next one. This way you could ensure that if there is another luxury car or swanky sports car which you would like to own you can start making enquiries and bid for it as soon as the bidding is opened.

Bidding should start low initially

If you are a first time bidder you may go overboard in your excitement start your bid too high. Never do this as your bids will go too high and you will end up paying a big price and not really get your used car at a cheap rate. Control your bidding and start really low so that you can increase it one step at a time and get a bargain deal finally without wasting money on it.

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