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Confiscated car auctions: confiscated car auctions for best deals

Turn to confiscated car auctions for the best deals on an endless variety of cars. Government impounded cars auctions are organized all over the United States to dispose off seized vehicles and surplus cars in the government fleet. Confiscated car sales are held both as live auctions and as regular online impound auctions. The general public is now welcome to try a hand at bidding for various cars, trucks and SUVs.

Who conducts these auctions?

The authority responsible for these impounded cars auctions is the GSA: the General Services Administration. But vehicles come to the government from a variety of sources such as the U.S Marshals, FBI and the military. Often, people engaged in illegal activities are caught by investigating agencies like the Drug Enforcement Administration, Immigration and Naturalization Service and others. The U.S. Secret Service, Criminal Investigations Division and the US Customs Service come into possession of seized cars. The seizure laws are imposed by the US Department of Justice.

Why does the government sell good cars for cheap?

These forfeited vehicles are like white elephants, of no use to the government. Hence, the government instructs various agencies to dispose off the vehicles at the earliest, by offering them to the public at throwaway prices. Revenue generated from the confiscated car sales is later put to good use. Thus, it is a win-win situation for seller and buyer at confiscated car auctions.

More about impound auctions

Online confiscated car auctions sell confiscated or seized cars through the medium of internet. This provides the general public easy access to cheap vehicles anywhere across the States. Live impounded car auctions are held by various federal, state, provincial and local agencies to sell cars at a fraction of their original market price. The gross sales at impounded cars auctions normally run to millions of dollars.

Trucks, cars and all variety of vehicles are sold at confiscated car sales in Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Louisiana and plenty of other locations across the country. All automobiles sold at confiscated car auctions are sold under the as-is clause, though at a pittance. There is no guarantee that all vehicles are flawless, but with careful inspection, there are chances of finding some really good vehicles with terrific resale value.

The auction process

Willing bidders are required to register at the auctions center for free. A bidder id is issued to all registered participants. This is valid for that auction only. Vehicle Preview time is allotted for all live auctions. Online impound auctions also offer legal assurance regarding the vehicles delivered. Of course, there are options of returning the vehicle within specific time under valid reasons. All vehicle history related documents are provided for inspection on the spot. However, test drives are not allowed. Pricing is decided based on bidding by participants. Winning bidder gets to buy the vehicle at the winning bid amount.

Go ahead; this is your chance for buying quality vehicles at the lowest rates with direct deals from the government. Confiscated car sales certainly offer the best deals to people who can spot the chance!

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