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Cheap Ford SUVs at Pompano Beach Car Auctions

If you are searching for cheap Ford SUVs at Pompano Beach car auctions then you have some choices to make.  Primarily, you need to choose which Ford SUV is right for you.  At car auctions, you will be able to select from the Edge, Escape, Expedition, and the Explorer.  Each of these has their own set of benefits as well as their own price range, so it is important to make your decision early.  By choosing which SUV to target, it will be easier gather consistent information and spot the best deals.  Here is a quick look at all 4 options and what they have to offer.

If you target the Edge when searching for Ford SUVs at Pompano Beach car auctions then you will likely be targeting late model vehicles.  The Edge was introduced in 2007 as a midsized SUV and has consistently improved every year since its inception.  It has proven to be a solid choice, however it is important to note that the 2007 Ford Edge did have some potential braking concerns among customers.  However, every other year has gotten great reviews.

If there are any cheap Ford SUVs at Pompano Beach car auctions, then you will find an Escape.  They have been one of the hottest selling small SUVs since they were first introduced in 2001.  The Escape has been credited with successfully combining the style and four wheel drive of a traditional SUV with the driving characteristics of a midsized car.  It was redesigned in 2008, however every year has proven to be a great choice.  If you prefer an older model then anything from 2002 on is a good choice.  Keep in mind that the Escape is not only known for what it has to offer, but also its low price.  This means that at auction, the Escape could likely offer the best bargain.

The Ford Expedition has also become a popular option for people interested in cheap Ford SUVs at Pompano Beach car auctions.  This SUV is a full sized vehicle that was originally based around Ford's pickup truck platform.  Overall, it is a lot more full-sized truck than midsized car.  It is currently in its third generation, which was first released in 2007.  It was originally released in 1997 with the second generation being launched in 2003.  While most people tend to target either the third or second generation, the first generation has a lot of benefits to offer as well, especially if you are looking for a larger, roomier SUV.

Your final option is the Ford Explorer.  It will also be a common fixture when you look for cheap Ford SUVs at Pompano Beach car auctions.  A lot of people credit the Explorer with being the vehicle that brought the SUV onto the forefront of American landscape.  For the most part, the most popular models were released in the 1990's and after 2006.  During the first half the new millennium, the Explorer took some heat, but has since become a favorite once again.

It doesn't matter which one you end up targeting, there is an excellent chance that you will find cheap Ford SUVs at Pompano Beach car auctions.

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