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Cheap Cars at Omaha Police Impound Auctions

Omaha Police Impound Auctions are the best place to get cheap cars. This is the best used car auction where you can get real bargains at affordable prices and the cars are also in great shape. What you get at police auctions range from their own old fleet which has been replaced with a new one, to surplus vehicles, seized and impounded vehicles and also junked ones which the owners have abandoned. The cars are of various models and types and you could even get yourself a luxury car here. The cars are referred to as cheap cars because they are sold cheap and not because they are in bad condition or out dated models. Most cars at vehicle auctions are being sold at prices much below the market prices because keeping them costs the government a lot of money for maintaining and storing them. If the prices are kept low then there is a better chance of their getting sold faster.

How you could locate police auctions

Most auctions are advertised in the local news papers and police cars are also available at various government auctions and other local auctions. You could do an online search and get to know about the live auctions which will be happening in your locality. Make a note of the dates and venues so that you do not miss out on them. If there are any telephone numbers provided in the ads you could call up and find out more details. You could ask them how you could get a comprehensive list of the cars which are going to be put up at the auction and where you could register with the auctioneers to be eligible to bid for a car.
The live auctions are given the responsibility to conduct the auctions of repo vehicles and other government vehicles as the police department does not have enough people or room to conduct such auctions. So you will have to scout around all the auctions in your town and find cars which are most suitable for you and also within your budget.

Shortlist a few cars as your final choice

Do not pick just one car as your final choice, but select a few. If you cannot get the car of your choice you will go home disappointed, but if you have a few choices then you may at least get possession of one of them. Once you have made your choice you can get permission to inspect the car prior to bidding for it. Police cars have clear titles and there is no problem with the paper work. However, it is best that you get to see the car and gauge how much repair work you would have to do on it and what this would cost you. You can then think of an approximate amount which you could bid for it based on the price analysis in the market of this particular model. Prices at auctions are normally less than half the market value, so you will have a better idea of the price you can pay for this car and not go beyond it.

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