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Cheap Cars at Government Motor Car Auctions in Akron, OH

Government motor car auctions have become much more popular over the last 5 years.  While they have been going on for a long time, it wasn’t until recently that the vast majority of people knew about them.  If you are in the Ohio area, Akron is where you want to be.  It is the home-base for a majority of the government auctions that are held within the state of Ohio.  There are a wide variety of different government car auctions that you can attend, and you will find different types of vehicles based upon which ones you choose.  Here is a quick look at the three types of auctions that are commonly held in the Akron, OH area.

The most popular type of auction in Akron, OH is auctions that held by the Federal Government.  They hold two basic types of auctions.  The first is known as a surplus auction.  At these auctions, you will primarily find fleet vehicles.  Fleet vehicles are often sedan-style vehicles.  They are normally very well maintained, which compensates for the high mileage.  Additionally, most of the miles are highway miles, which create much less wear and tear than the stopping and starting of city driving.  The other type of government auction that is common in the Akron, OH area are seized vehicle auctions.  For one reason or another, these vehicles were seized from their owners.  There is a huge variance in what type of vehicles are available  Some are almost brand new with low mileage, while others are a few years older and have higher mileage.  Either way, there are always a few cheap buys at seized car auctions in Akron, OH.

Another type of government car auction that is common in the Akron, OH area are the state and local auctions.  State auctions are primarily fleet auctions and surplus auctions.  The biggest difference between the Federal fleet auctions and state fleet auctions are cars that are available  Since Ohio is not always the sunniest of places and the winters are known for heavy snow, there are two common types of fleet vehicles.  The first are sedans, just like Federal fleet auctions.  The other type of fleet vehicles are larger trucks and SUV’s, which are used to accommodate the harsher winters. 

The final type of government auction to keep an eye out for is municipal and county auctions.  These auctions can run the full gambit of auction-types.  They will auction off fleet vehicles, seized vehicles, and even heavy machinery.  Local government auctions often have the lowest turnout, which makes finding cheap cars extremely easy.

As you can see, there are a wide variety of government auctions available in the Akron, OH region.  They are a great way to find cheap car, motor vehicle deals.  You can find Federal auctions, both fleet and seized, State of Ohio auctions, primarily fleet, and of course local auctions (both municipal and county) which have a wide array of auction types to choose from and they all have cheap cars and hidden gems that you can take advantage of.

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