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When it comes to cars, we’re looking for those that have good suspension, excellent traction even when the roads are wet, easy to maintain, reliable, and cheap to insure. As much as possible, we want to get rid of the bells and whistles, afraid they’d only increase the price, making it for us harder to afford.

But we also know that if given a chance, we wouldn’t mind owning a Maybach, Ferrari, Audi, Aston-Martin, Lexus, or Tesla. These are just some of the growing number of luxury cars that make traveling ultra sweet, comfortable, and rich.

So why don’t we take a chance? One of the options available is joining American Auto Auctions.

American Auto Auctions, also referred to as AAA, is one of the most popular auctions for vehicles in the United States. It offers auctioned vehicles offline, although you can check its inventory in its main website.

Unlike other auctions, it is located in certain places in the country only, but these are key cities. These include Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Greenville, Jacksonville, North Houston, Pensacola, Tulsa, Pittsburgh, and Austin.

AAA also:

Works usually with dealers – You see, not all auctions are open to the public. Some are meant for dealers only, who may be used to buying more than one vehicle in a single auction. To be a dealer, however, there are requirements to be met such as getting a license to deal vehicles.

Offers lease and vessels – Although their name says auto auctions, they also auction vessels such as boats or yachts. Aside from luxury cars, they also carry RVs in their inventory.

Provides different types of luxury cars – They are willing to accept trade-ins in exchange for a new vehicle, while they are also famous for lowering their aged inventory, which means the cars are already used or pre-owned.

They also take care of:

• Pickup and drop-off of the vehicle
• Buyer transport from the different airports
• Transport of the vehicles to your home or shop

Now the question is: why is it wise to buy vehicles in AAA? It’s because you can save money!

How much you can save depends on a number of things, but it’s not unusual to get savings of at least 50% the book value of the vehicle.

This happens when the number of bidders is low. When there are fewer bidders, the bidders gain more control as to the final bid price. It’s also possible the vehicles have a low minimum bid price, or the increments are small. The amount of time available can also affect the final bid price. The shorter it is, the higher the chance to bid and win low.

AAA updates its schedule regularly, which you can see in its website. Use it as your guide to ensure that you don’t miss in any of these auctions. Use its Inventory Search to know where to find the ultimate luxury car that you’ve always wanted.

With car auctions such as AAA, you’re one step closer to feeling wealthy without spending too much money.

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