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San Jose government and police auctions are a good source of used cars that is affordable as well as in good condition. The cars come into the possession of the government or the police through many avenues like the law enforcement department, hospitals, banks, the military, the FBI, the state, local and federal government stock and many other sources. The government and many other government organizations discard its old vehicles when new ones are purchased. Many discarded and abandoned vehicles also come into the possession of the government.

The police auctions are the best pace to get a good bargain. The cars are maintained very well and are clean and ready to be take home on purchase. The police auctions allow the prospective buyers to inspect the car to their satisfaction. You can take all the time you want to inspect the car out and out. The only restriction is that test drives are not permitted. The price to be paid would only be about 10 to 20% of the market value of the car. The cars are sold at very cheap prices since the government would like to dispose off the vehicles as soon as possible. The cars are sold off in hundreds and acquired also in the same numbers hence disposing off batches of these cars are important.

It is common to find luxury cars like Nissan, BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Honda, Cadillac etc at government auctions. It is a lucky break for a buyer if one of these is the one aimed at. The cars available at the police auctions have authentic papers and one can buy it without being scared of being duped. Even then it is always wise to be cautious. There is no guarantee that things will all turn out fine. And where a big purchase like a car is concerned it is worthwhile to take along some one who is an expert in automobiles. Even if the car is very affordable it would be in the interests of the customer to make sure that a good one is finally purchased.

Live auctions are held throughout the year in San Jose. Information regarding the same is posted on the government websites and published in the local dailies. Online auctions are also held these days. You can register for it online and bid for the car of your choice from your home. Of course this does not allow you to actually test the working condition of the car but usually they are okay and test drives are forbidden even otherwise so online auctions are a good option to consider. The car would also get delivered to your address. All this is possible without even taking a step out of your house. There are many auctions conducted by the government and it would be to the customer’s advantage to find one that has a good number of cheap cars and comparatively less competition. It is possible to find a very good car in these auctions if you can make the right choice and be lucky to get it for your bid.

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