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Car Pricing In Canada Explained

Buying a car in the United States is very different from doing the same in Canada. This is probably because you will notice a vast difference in the prices, which again is a result of the difference in the rates between the American Dollar as against the Canadian Dollar. The two have long since been on different levels, which reflect on the price of every single commodity being traded, including cars. The US economy has always been on turmoil, and more so since the war with Iraq began, whereas Canadian economy has been pretty stable, growing steadily, whereby the price of Dollar also goes up.

Maybe because of this factor, there has been a trend where people from Canada came down South to America to buy their cars. They found the prices here to be cheaper and more suited to their budgets. That too for the same car they were eying on back home in Canada. But making the purchase in USA and taking the car to Canada is not as easy as it sounds, there is more involved here, including the paper work, and tax rates, which again differs. A Honda RV would cost anywhere from $27000 to $28000 when buying in Canada, and this is higher than what the price is in the neighbouring country of America.

The pricing of cars in Canada is atleast 25% higher than elsewhere and this is again because of the strong business and economy there. If one were to try doing a trade in with their car in America, they need to be aware that most dealers there will not touch their cars. This is because they are prohibited from selling or buying cars from people outside the country.  There are some websites that aim at educating people about the different rules to be followed when they try to buy a car in other countries and bring it into Canada.

The website also gives them heads up on what are the prices being quoted for various brands of cars, everything from Porsche to a Dodge and even a Ferrari. If you were to go through the site, you would see the market price for different years listed down, which is again higher than what it is in America.  A Land rover, L2 model, for example is expected to cost nearly $46000 and also has an additional fee of almost $1000 which is levied which is what the total cost works out to. With some websites working towards helping people find cars at a lesser price, today, there are ways by which one can save costs, but overall the pricing of cars is higher and more expensive in Canada than elsewhere.

Therefore, it is essential to know the facts, and understand how the Government works before taking a risk of making a purchase in other places. You just might end up spending more in bringing the car home, which means you are paying as much as you would buying the car in Canada.

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