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If you have been thinking about getting a used car for auction at Philadelphia government auctions then it is important to have a game plan. If you don’t know what type of cars are going to be there, then it will be difficult to show up prepared. You need to know what type of car that you will target in order to find out how much you should spend as well as what to expect in terms of quality. In order to do this, you have two options. The first is to scour through every auction listing to pick out the ones that you are interested in or you can play the averages and research cars that show up at these auctions the most often. Here is a closer look at each strategy and how it can help.

From the outset, it is important to understand that there are certain characteristics that apply to nearly every car for auction at Philadelphia government auctions. The first is that they will likely be domestic. Every government agency tries to utilize domestically built cars whenever possible. Second, the cars will have undergone a consistent maintenance program, which means that you should get a quality, reliable vehicle that has lived a well-maintained life thus far.

The first strategy that you can use to find the right car for auction at Philadelphia government auctions is to simply go through the listings and pick out whatever catches your eye. The benefits of this strategy is that it allows you to target exact vehicles. This type of in-depth knowledge will allow you to get specific vehicle history reports and better gauge how reliable it will be in the future. The drawback is that this is very time intensive. Additionally, because you have already done so much research about the specific vehicles, it is easier to get emotionally attached to them. This can cause you to bid higher and pay more than you actually wanted to.

The other strategy that can be used to buy a car for auction at Philadelphia government auctions is to play the trends. Instead of researching specific cars, you learn more about what is “normally” at the auction. For example, some of the commonly found vehicles at Philadelphia auctions include the Chevy Impala, Chevy Malibu, Dodge Stratus, Pontiac G6, and the Chrysler Sebring. You can take it one step further and look at the averages for each car. For example, the average Chevy Impala will be 3-5 years old and have 35,000 – 50,000 miles and the Dodge Stratus will tend to be around 3 years old and have 20,000 to 25,000 miles. By looking at the averages, you can save time because you don’t have to research them individually. The problem is that there is always a chance that a lower quality vehicle will slip into your target list.

Regardless of what strategy you decide to use, you can definitely find a quality car for auction at Philadelphia government auctions. The only question is how you will prepare for the auction itself. You can either research specific cars that catch your eye on the listing or play the averages and cover more cars in less detail.

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