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When it comes to getting good deals on cars or anything else for that matter, military personnel generally end up losing since the majority of people in the armed forces are posted at out of town locations, away from major towns and cities. On the other hand, most people join the military after completing school and are generally naïve when it comes to being street smart, especially regarding matters of finance and purchases. It is not uncommon to see some dashing army captain who was instrumental in bringing Saddam to his knees get cheated by an unscrupulous car dealer and not even know about it. While shopping around and putting your concerns first is the most important part of getting business savvy, the tips given here for buying both new and old cars can at least help you a little in locating the best sources and the best deals for buying a set of wheels.

Best Sources for New Cars: If you are looking for a buying a new car, then the best car buying source for you is the internet. There are a number of online car sale companies that have tie ups with dealers all over the country. No matter where you are located, you will be able to get the car of your choice through an online service, driven to your doorstep in all probability. Almost everyone is taking to buying their cars online because online companies are the ones providing the lowest quotes nowadays. In almost all cases, the quotes that you get from an online company will be considerably lesser than what any dealership has given you. However, before buying a car online, just make sure that you test drive it first at a local dealership or somewhere else. Secondly, online quotes and offers may vary considerably from one service to the other, so make sure that you do your research well before finally taking the decision to buy.

Best Sources for Used Cars: In case you are planning to buy an old car, then once again checking online deals is a good option. Another great source for buying used cars are car auctions, especially those held by government agencies or financial corporations. Every year, government and law enforcement agencies sell off a large number of seized or repossessed vehicles through public auctions held all over the country. With a little bit of knowledge and research about car auctions and how they move, you can manage to get a great deal at a car auction. Cars at auctions are generally sold at least twenty to twenty five per cent below their actual market value. In fact, it is not uncommon to find cars selling for twenty to twenty five per cent of their market value at car auctions. Before you bid for a car at an auction, get the car checked by a mechanic, know its actual market rate and check its vehicle VIN# history in order to avoid landing with a lemon.

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