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Car Auctions in Detroit, MI: Confiscated Gov Car Sales

If you have made up your mind to buy from used car auctions, then go for government Car Auctions in Detroit, MI. Michigan state residents are making the best out of the boon sanctioned by the state government. Now it is not just dealers but also the masses who can buy cheap cars from confiscated gov car sales. With the huge number of government–owned vehicles requiring maintenance, the government intends to sell them for dirt cheap and get the cash returns.

With the numerous car auctions in Detroit, MI, the people who could not think of owing a small car are now owners of luxury vehicles and SUVs. While most used car auctions try to sell defective lemons, the government auctions are far better in terms of the quality and variety of cars. Automobiles come into government custody from various sources. The law enforcement department, fire stations, the military, hospitals, banks and other organizations have a surplus stock of vehicles which they cannot keep maintaining.

Police auctions sell seized and abandoned vehicles in hundreds. Repo auctions are held to sell the vehicles that are currently owned by banks. Banks need to dispose off the goods in order to get back the dues owed by the previous car owner. Live auctions are held regularly across the length and breadth of the state. Online auctions are also thriving. There is a continuous supply of cars for sale and the variety is huge. Some of the vehicles are hardly days old! Naturally, it is worth a big deal to get hold of such cars for a pittance.

The government sets a reserve price on all cars at the gov auctions. The start price is low and the car goes to the bidder who quoted the highest sum above the reserve price. But in certain cases where the car needs to be sold urgently, the bid closest to the reserve price is chosen. The entry is minimal in case of local auctions and hence, bidders find that there is no competition at all at times. But the cheap cars are sold under the as-is clause which prohibits return of sold vehicles. It is matter of fact to buy a car for just $100-200 dollars at the government vehicle auctions. The maximum you might pay is about 40-50% of the market worth of the car.

Even after the car passes your inspection, you need not overshoot your price range. Luxury cars and sports cars are also seen frequently at such sales. But you must not get carried away and pay more than what the car is actually worth. This is a disposal sale offering cheap cars after all. Confiscated gov car auctions in Detroit, MI are also held online. While live auctions require the bidder to be physically present, online auctions remove that necessity and make it convenient for bidders. Government auction web sites will give you all the details and help you find the car you want. So sign up for news and participate in good used car auctions.

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