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Car Auctions – An ideal way to buy your new car

When we have made the decision to buy a car, there are various modes by which we can go about the process. We can either approach a car dealer or maybe a friend to help us find the car of our dreams. Another option is to approach one of the car auction companies to find out what kind of cars they are going to be putting up this time around. But there are certain key points that you need to keep in mind while buying a car- the safety issues, maintenance of the vehicle, warranty documents and how reliable the dealer is. There are various Auto auctions that are held once a fortnight or more frequently depending on the number of cars available for sale. Auction is the process whereby the interested parties will bid a price and the one who quotes the highest price will win the product. When the bell rings at the words “Going, Going, Gone”, the auction comes to an end and the person can claim their product upon making the payment. Earlier these were held only for art and furniture related items, but today vehicles auctions have become very common.  

You could be interested in buying a new car or a used car, depending on your need and budget. For both these, there are public car auctions where cars from bank lease ends, or government used vehicles, fleet returns are all found. One can get information regarding where these auctions are held, visit them and if the car looks good enough, make a bid and wait to see the results. In this case, the vehicle will be in good condition and for most you can claim extended warranty as well. This makes these cars sought after, the only reason why they are being auctioned is because the person who intended on buying them could not meet the payments or has moved to a different car. 

In case of a second hand car, the details that one looks for are aesthetic appeal and good engine quality; the vehicle should also be in good running condition. In the vehicle auctions, we will come across cars that are in good shape and others that have been run down. And there are cars from all categories, economy class and luxury range of cars.  A better alternative would be to buy a car from the Government auctions where cars owned by Government officials that are in perfect condition are sold through bidding. These are held through the year and a person can bid on more than one car and purchase it if they wish to. 

Since today everyone is using the computers and internet for their daily work, you can also check out the online car auctions. All you need to do is find an online auto auction site, and you can then surf through it to find a car of your choice. There will be images of the car, both interior and exterior along with a brief about the car history. This is so you understand how old the car is or what kind of engine, or fuel it runs on. And if you are ok with the car, you can quote your bid. There are bound to be others who are also interested in this car auction, and so you will have to wait for the duration mentioned before results are out.  

In case of online car auctions, the risk factor is higher, because you don’t see the car or inspect it. We reply on the details given on the site and once the bid is won, there is no turning back or canceling out of the order. At times you might end up paying for a car that is not half as good as what it seems to be on your computer screen. So, make sure to have some reliable sources that will help you out when going through online auto auctions. If you are bidding for a car being sold in another state, there would be additional shipping charges that you will have to bear. Instead you can look for local websites that are into car auction, for this way they will deliver the car free of charge or you can go pick it up from their venue. You might even come across bargains that others might not be aware of which will work to your advantage in getting a good price for the car.

If we are going for a live vehicles auction, we will get to spend time inspecting the car and if allowed taking it for a spin. The other kinds of auction are the Police car auctions and seized car auctions which consist of vehicles that are in police custody. These are a way of giving the public a chance to buy cars that have been abandoned or been seized by the police. And everyday thousands of vehicles are brought to the police compound for payment default, and IRS related issues. The number of cars keeps increasing with every year and as a way of getting rid of the cars, they hold auctions giving the public a chance to buy a car or two. These are different versions of the public car auction but the rules of the game remain the same in all of them. 

Once you have made up your mind that you will resort to car auctions to buy your car, make sure to have a friend or someone you trust to help you make the right choice. You must also ensure that you are given all documents related to the car and its warranty at the time of purchase. While making a purchase online, you will have to wait till the car is delivered to know of its condition or if the money spent was well worth it. You will also have to follow up with either the person running the website or the owner about the paper work and transferring ownership, and so on to save yourself.

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