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Car Auction Tips: How to save money at your local Car auctions

Car auctions are great places to buy used cars at extremely economical prices. Bids at some car auctions are known to start at values equal to ten per cent of a car’s actual market price, so the possibility of coming away with a good deal from a car auction is quite high. However, at the same time it is prudent to remember that you are dealing with used cars at car auctions, and used cars also have a high possibility of turning out to be lemons. Many people also end up paying more than a car’s actual market value when caught up in the bidding process while some people actually have no idea about the real value of the car they are bidding for. We provide you here with some car auction tips that should help you in getting a better deal and avoiding common scams at car auctions.

· The first and most important thing that you need to do before bidding in an auction is to check the car that you are bidding for both inside and out. While some auctions will allow potential buyers to come and preview the cars to be sold a day or two before the actual bidding, others might let you see the cars only before the auction. Prefer to buy at auctions that allow previews, but if they don’t, then you better go prepared for the eventuality.

· Before you go to an auction, then it is advised that you arm yourself with a couple of things. A membership to a service that allows you to run vehicle history checks online through the VIN# is one of them. Once you have this in hand, carry an internet enabled device like your mobile phone, blackberry or pocket PC to the auction so that you can get instant reports of the vehicles you are interested in. If you cannot manage any of these, then have  a friend with a phone sit in front of an internet enabled PC who can personally check and provide you with histories of the vehicles you are interested in. If you cannot manage any of these, then attend auctions that allow previews so that you can come back home and check VIN history before bidding, since bidding without knowing a vehicle’s history is akin to extreme foolishness.

· Apart from checking vehicle histories, carrying out physical checks is also extremely important, and if you do not know everything about autos yourself, then taking along a mechanic to do this for you is a good idea. Make sure that you check for everything ranging from carpeting and painting to power train and brakes, since this might throw up information which can change your decision to buy a car. If you live in a state that has been flooded recently, then make sure that you look for signs of flood damage in the cars. Signs of accidents and repair work can also be found only through thorough physical checking by an expert, so make sure that you get the job done thoroughly.

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