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California Motor Clubs – Benefits of Joining One

Motor clubs are organizations in which motorists, both drivers and vehicle owners, can gain a variety of benefits provided by the club. In most cases, there is an annual or quarterly membership fee to join. Members receive an identification card which allows them to take advantage of numerous benefits. There are a variety of California motor clubs which are growing in popularity. Many of them team up with nationwide motor clubs in order to provide more comprehensive protection and greater benefits.

One of the most well-known California motor clubs is the automobile club of Southern California. It is currently affiliated with the American Automobile Association (better known as AAA). This particular club dates back to 1910 and has gone through numerous transformations in order to provide drivers and vehicle owners with the best coverage and benefits possible.

Benefits of Joining a California Motor Club

In general, the benefits of joining the California motor club can be broken down into three fundamental areas. They are primary services, coverage, and miscellaneous or extra benefits.

1. Primary Service Benefits

There are a growing number of services offered by California motor clubs that have become standard. These benefits can include 24 hour telling, dead battery services, tire changing services, and a lockout assistance. Some of the more comprehensive options even include gasoline delivery, on time travel arrival guarantees, emergency travel assistance, travel interruption reimbursement, and even extrication/winching services for those who get stuck in a ditch or deep mud/snow. Some regional California motor clubs will place limits on how far he of vehicle can be towed, while others offer nationwide coverage. In most cases, towing is limited to approximately 100 miles.

2. Coverage Benefits

The second type of benefits you can gain by joining the California motor club are known as coverage benefits. These benefits allow motorists to travel not only in California but across the United States and enjoy the same service and extra benefits. It is become common practice for California motor clubs to offer both enrollments in and out of California. Some even offer coverage in California. Depending upon the motor club there may be limitations on what types of vehicles are included in the coverage. Typically like trucks, automobiles, and RVs are covered. Motorcycles and trailers can also be covered all those some clubs do charge additional annual fees for this.

3. Extra Benefits

The third type of benefits provided by joining a California motor club are known as extra benefits. These are benefits which are not directly service related or coverage related, but proved to be extremely useful for travelers. One of the most popular extra benefits are retail discounts. While AAA has made this a well-known benefits, a majority of motor clubs offer retail discounts at a variety of chains both within California and nationwide. As more motor clubs take advantage of an online presence, online trip planners and mobile apps are becoming commonplace. Some motor clubs have even ventured into the insurance industry and offer car insurance directly to members. Combining retail benefits and insurance benefits has led to motor clubs regularly offering discounts on prescriptions, dental care, and vision care.

4. Unique Benefits of Joining a California Motor Club Most People Don’t Know About

Along with the well-known benefits and services provided by a California motor club there are also a growing number of unique benefits that most people don’t know about. This is a quick look at some of the unique benefits you may want to seek out when selecting a motor club.

Arrest Bond Certificates

It is becoming more common for motor clubs to provide members with a certificate that works in lieu of cash in the event they are arrested for a moving violation. This essentially let someone post bond without requiring an upfront cash payment. As an added benefit for those people who travel outside of the state of California regularly, many bail bondsman now accept motor club cards as a valid form of identification. This is increasingly important as the bail bond industry won’t always accept out-of-state identification.

Legal Defense Reimbursement

Along the same lines of providing arrest bond certificates, California motor clubs often offer legal defense reimbursement as well. With this service the company will actually reimburse drivers, up to a certain limit, for any legal fees they incur as a result of defending themselves against him a moving or other driving related violation.

Nationwide Concierge Services

Concierge services have grown popular as well. For many people this is a significant benefit that is constantly overlooked. Motor clubs know their way not only around the state of California but the entire United States. As a result, it is easy for them to provide knowledgeable representatives that will help member’s book hotels, local reservations, provide directions, and even trip planning schedules.

The number benefits offered by California motor clubs continues to grow every year. For a minimal annual fee, you motor clubs have proven to be extremely beneficial to anyone who travels both within the state of California and across the United States. The key is selecting a motor club which fits you were travel style. The more you travel, the more it will be beneficial to pay attention to the extra benefits and services motor club can provide.

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