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Buy New Jersey Used Cars at Gov’t Auctions

To get yourself a real bargain deal buy New Jersey Used Cars at Gov’t Auctions. Used car auctions are a much better option than used car dealers, as dealers end up putting the price up and you will not really get the vehicle at a very cheap price. If you are buying a used car to save some money on it then the dealer is the wrong source to go to, instead you could try out your luck at the vehicle auctions which are happening in your town and get yourself a car at an affordable rate. The government auctions have some great cars which have been confiscated by the law and are sold at really low prices. Buying a used car is made quite simple with all the auctioneers around town the only thing is if you have not been to an auction before your have to learn how to make the best of it. 

Search for government auctions

A search on the internet will give you information on all the live auctions which will be happening in your area. While conducting an online search you will have to mention the town in which you plan to attend the auctions so that they can give you details of auctions being held here. You will have to register online in any of the auctions you are interested in attending and only then will you be given a comprehensive list of all the vehicles which will be put up for sale here.

The best vehicles are those in the repo auctions and police auctions so ensure that you have registered with these auctions and get their database of vehicles which will be auctioned. Short list a few vehicles which you find suitable for your requirement from these. The reason you should pick more than a single vehicle is because if you have only one vehicle to bid for it may be taken by someone else and you will have to come back disappointed. So keep more options open for yourself.

What you should do prior to bidding

Once you have selected a few vehicles which you would like to bid for there are some things which you have to do before you start bidding which are very important. First and foremost do a market survey to see what the retail price of the type of car you have selected is. Based on this you can decide on what the bidding price of the vehicle should be. The auction prices of vehicles is always a good 50% less than the market value and your bid should be somewhere around this range. Keep a maximum range for your bidding amount so that you do not go overboard while bidding and pay more than what the car is worth.

The next step would be to inspect the vehicles to see their condition. Most auctioneers permit those who have registered to come and check out the vehicles physically, but do not permit them to move the vehicle from the site. You could take along someone who is competent at checking vehicles and knows about the technical side of the vehicles. Check the engine, the interiors and the exteriors of the vehicles to see if there is any repair work required to make it road worthy. If there is, then this cost should also be added to the cost of the vehicle as this is what it is going to cost you finally. Now you are set to go and bid for your vehicle at the auction.

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