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Buy Impounded Cars at Riverside County Police Auctions

If you are getting ready to buy impounded cars at Riverside County police auctions, you may be wondering where all these vehicles come from in the first place.  By understanding why vehicles are impounded, you can gain additional insight which will help you identify the best cars to bid on.  There are also a few unique characteristics of Riverside County police auctions which you need to keep in mind in order to set yourself up for a successful auction.

Why is a Car Impounded?

A car can be impounded by the Riverside County police for a variety of reasons.  In Riverside County, about 50 percent of the cars are impounded because of unpaid traffic tickets.  This includes every type of traffic ticket ranging from a parking ticket to a speeding ticket.  If an owner does not pay all of their fees and court costs, they will eventually have their car impounded.  In fact, it is increasingly common for the police department or parking authority to send employees out specifically to find cars which are up for impound.  They then hire a towing company to remove the vehicle.

The other reason a car can be impounded is because of a legal violation which was discovered during a live stop.  A live stop is any situation where the police pull over a driver.  In most cases, cars are impounded during life stops because the driver does not have a valid driver’s license, the vehicle is not registered, or the driver is impaired (drugs or alcohol).

When is an Impounded Car Put up for Auction?

In Riverside County, as well as across the state, a majority of impounded vehicles must remain in the impound for 28 days.  There are exceptions to this; however the 28 day waiting period applies to most situations.  Once the 28 days is up, the previous owner can reclaim the vehicle if, and only if, they have already paid all of their related legal, court, and storage fees.

Once the 28 day period has lapsed, the Riverside County Police Department places the car up for auction in order for the city to recoup any unpaid fees.

3 Tips for Success When Getting Ready to Buy Impounded Cars at Riverside County Police Auctions

1. Do Your Research

Before a Riverside County police auction, the Police Department will release a list of vehicles up for auction.  This list will include the year, make, model, mileage, and the VIN number.  Using this information, you should research any vehicle which interests you before attending the auction.  This will allow you to weed out any bad apples and give you more time to focus on the vehicles which will best suit your needs.

2. Look for Combination Auctions

The Riverside County Police Department often partners with local police stations or government surplus auctions.  Identifying these types of combination auctions can be tricky, which makes keeping an eye out for any government auction essential to discovering any upcoming Riverside County police auctions.

3. Riverside County Outsources the Management of Most Police Auctions

It is becoming more common for government auctions to be managed by local auction houses or online auto auction websites.  When hunting for impounded cars at Riverside County car auctions make sure you do not overlook local auction houses and online auto auction websites as a valuable source of information.  Online auto auction websites are particularly helpful because they often partner with local auction houses.  This gives you an opportunity to use a single websites in order to discover and take part in upcoming auctions.

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