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How hard is it to buy GMC cars from Miami Dade county auctions? A lot of people have started to become interested in government surplus auctions across the country, and Miami Dade county is no exception. The key to succeeding at these types of auctions is understanding the process and how to position yourself for success. Here is a quick look at how Miami Dade county runs their auctions as well as a few tips to finding the best GMC cars.

General Rules to Follow When Buying GMC Cars From Miami Dade County Auctions

There are a number of rules that you must adhere to whenever you take part in an auction in Miami Dade county. Across the country, these rules can vary so it is important to know what you are getting into. Here is a quick look at some key rules that are specific to Miami Dade county.

One of the most important rules, or rather an operating procedure, is that if there are any changes to listing, they will not be announced until the day of the auction. This means that you will likely end up working off of an outdated listing before the auction even begins. Additionally, it means that if you plan on attending this auction in person, then you need to show up early so that you know about any changes that do occur.

Another important rule is that when you are given the title, it will have the exact name that you put on the Bid Receipt Form. This means that you need to double check your information when filling out this form. One benefit of trying to buy GMC cars from Miami Dade county auctions is that they will let you know a lot about the vehicle. This is especially important because everything is sold as-is, where-is. For example, if a car is labeled “NR”, then it doesn’t run. As a result, you should expect to make additional repairs once you purchase it. This is important because if you can estimate the repairs, then you can more accurately determine exactly how much you will be paying for the vehicle. If you can’t get an idea of how much you will spend in repairs, then avoiding these cars is a good idea. Another important designation is “CD”. This means that the car has a “Certificate of Destruction”. Florida law states that any car with a certificate of destruction will never be allow to be re-registered for operation within the state. In short, you can only use it for parts or transport it to other states which has lenient laws.

When you buy GMC cars from Miami Dade county auctions, it will be through the Administrative and Business Services Division and the auction will always be held on a Saturday. In most cases, Miami Dade county holds an auction every 5 weeks or so. In a recent report, they stated that the average amount that you will pay for a car at these auctions is between $500 and $4,000. Here is a quick look at the listing from the first auction of 2012 to give you an idea of what to expect. When printed, the listing included 105 vehicles and about half had a “NR” or “CD” denotation. Additionally, 29 of the vehicles available were former police vehicles.

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