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A common question among car buyers is whether or not it is possible to buy cheap hybrid cars from government auctions.  This is a difficult question to answer because each auction is different.  The more hybrid cars that are available at a particular auction, the lower the average price per vehicle will be.  If you show up to a government auction which is only offering one hybrid car, you will likely face multiple bidders who are interested in the same vehicle.  On the other hand, if you attend a government auction with multiple hybrid cars, then there will be less competition per unit which means lower prices.

Thank the Department of Energy

If you’re interested in buying cheap hybrid cars from government auctions, it is important to start with the Department of Energy.  The Department of Energy was the first section of the government to make a concerted effort to purchase hybrid cars.  In fact, they made a pledge several years ago to eventually phase out all gasoline only cars in favor of the hybrid alternatives.  If you can find an auction sponsored by the Department of Energy, there’s a good chance you will find a significant number of cheap hybrid cars at a single auction.  Fortunately, this isn’t always necessary.  The GSA tries to evenly disperse different types of cars across multiple locations across the country.  While this means it will be harder to find an auction with a disproportionately large number of hybrid vehicles, it does mean you will likely find a handful at each government auction you attend.

What Are the Most Common Hybrid Cars at Government Auctions?

In order to buy cheap hybrid cars from government auctions, it is important to find out what the most common hybrid cars at each auction will be.  While every auction listing is a little bit different, you will notice certain hybrid cars are more common than others.  This is because the government tends to buy fleet vehicles in bulk.  As a result, they buy multiple units that are exactly the same.  At recent government auctions some of the most common hybrid cars included the Toyota Camry and Prius.

Why Do All of the Hybrid Cars at Government Auctions Seem the Same?

If you have attended several government auctions in the past, you may be wondering why all the hybrid cars seem to be the same.  There are several reasons for this.  First, the government buys vehicles in bulk which means each hybrid vehicles essentially the same when it is purchased.  The second reason, which is often overlooked, is the government uses the same maintenance routine and scheduled for each vehicle.  This means they will phase-in and phase out groups of vehicles at the same interval.  As a result, a specific make and model (sometimes even year) of hybrid car will be released for auction at the same time.  If you look at the big picture, you will notice a great deal of variance in the hybrid cars at government auctions however this can be hard to spot when looking at a single listing.

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