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Government auctions have a lot of cars owned previously by federal government officials. These cars are well maintained and are in good condition. You can get a Honda or other luxury brand at a cheap and affordable price from one of the state auctions. Other sources of vehicles which are being put up for sale by these government auctions are those which have been seized or repossessed from the owners. Seized cars are those which have been impounded because the owner has not paid the loan back to the bank or an organization from which he had taken a loan to buy the vehicle. 

Once the federal cars are not required by the government or the officials they are disposed of at the various auctions which are held in various towns regularly. This is to recover some of the cost of the vehicles as the government cannot dispose of the vehicles without the regular procedures. These vehicles have clear titles and papers for registration and insurance are all in place. Buying one of these vehicles from the auctioneers means getting a vehicle cheap which is in good condition.

In any case just like you would with any of the other used cars it is best to do a pre-bid inspection to see what the condition of the vehicle is for yourself. If it is an online auction you can get the history of the vehicle to see if the car has been through any major mishaps and if there has been any repair work carried out on it. For this you can get the VIM number and get the rest of the information from Carfax. Carfax will give you details right down to the minutest ones and you can even get to know the number of previous owners the vehicle has had and the mileage when the car changed hands each time.

However, if you are bidding for the vehicle at one of the local auctions you can inspect the vehicle physically and also take along an expert who knows about vehicles and can tell you more about it. Ensure that the vehicle is not just checked externally but the interiors are checked too so that you know exactly what you are going in for. The engine can be revved up so that you can make out by the sounds what the condition is.  Once you are satisfied with the inspection and have an idea of what the repairs will cost you, you can go ahead and bid for it.

Apart from the condition of the car you should also get to know the price of this make and model. Do a market survey and see what such cars cost outside and you can have an idea of what to bid for it. Vehicles cost a lot less at auctions so when you bid for it keep this in mind.






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