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Buy Cheap Ford Cars at Kentucky Government Auctions

To successfully buy cheap Ford cars at Kentucky government auctions it is important to have a basic understanding of what to expect.  Government auctions are different than other types of auto auctions for a variety of reasons.  Not only are the listings different, but the process can be different as well.  Finally, there are some unique characteristics that vehicles at government auctions have.

What Types of Kentucky Government Auctions Are There?

The first step is knowing what types of Kentucky government auctions there are.  The most well-known type of government auction is the fleet vehicle auction.  Fleet vehicle auctions are held at different intervals based upon what level of government you are talking about.  For example, state auctions are typically held more often than any other type of government auction.  Counties, cities, and towns tend to hold fleet vehicle auctions only a handful of times per year.  Fleet vehicle auctions tend to have listings which are dominated by only a handful of manufacturers.  Additionally, many of the vehicle’s Web the same characteristics such as mileage maintenance records.  This makes it easier to wait until you spot a great deal because there is a good chance a similar vehicle will be available shortly if the bidding gets too high.

Another common type of Kentucky government auction is a surplus or seizure auction.  At the local level, this is often referred to as a police impound auction.  These types of auctions have listings which are similar to your general public auctions because they are composed of vehicles which have been seized or impounded by the government.  A common drawback to keep in mind about this type of auction is the keys may not be included with the vehicle.  While this is only a momentary setback, it does mean you may need to have the vehicle towed from the auction lot.

Why Target Ford Cars at Kentucky Fleet Vehicle Government Auctions?

Ford cars are particularly good targets at Kentucky fleet vehicle government auctions because all levels of government try to purchase domestically whenever possible.  Along with Ford cars, you will see a large number of Chevy and Dodge vehicles as well.  The reason fleet vehicle auctions are the best place to target Ford cars is because of the volume of availability.  Since a large number of Ford cars will be available, you can sit back and wait until one goes cheap.

Typically, the first few Ford cars will go for a fairly higher price than during the rest of the auction because I handful of excitable bidders want to purchase their vehicle only.  There is often a spike in prices during the middle and end of the auction as well.  In order to get the best deals on Ford cars at a Kentucky fleet vehicle government auction, you need to pay attention to identify goals and the bidding.  You will get a car that is of equal quality as the more expensive vehicles, but you will pay dramatically lower price.

How to Participate in Kentucky Government Auctions

Depending on what type of auction you go to, the rules of participation may vary.  In general, there will be a viewing.  Several days before the auction begins as well as several hours the day of.  This gives you an opportunity to personally inspect vehicles you are interested in.  To make the most of this time, it is important to only focus on the Ford cars you are interested in.  To save even more time, you can use an online auto auction website.  These websites work with both government entities and public auction houses which regularly hold auto auctions.  In many cases, you can place bids directly on the website rather than attending the auction in person.  Additionally, they provide a variety of helpful tools which will help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

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