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Buy Cheap Car For Auction In Charleston, SC

If you are in the process of deciding how to buy your next used car, then it could be very beneficial to look into how to buy cheap cars for auction in Charleston, SC. There are a variety of different types of auctions in the area and they can all offer a different type of opportunity. This area is very unique, which means that all of the auctions will be unique as well. By understanding more about Charleston, SC it will be easier to decide which type of auction you should check out. Here is a closer look at why Charleston is one of the best spots in South Carolina and what your options to buy cheap cars for auction in Charleston, SC really are.

Charleston is normally considered to be part of either the Charleston-North Charleston–Summerville metro area or the Charleston-North Charleston urban area and is the second largest city in the state with more than 120,000 people. It is also the fastest growing city in the region. This provides a unique opportunity for auction seekers because so many used cars are on the market at any given time. Plus, there are a lot of smaller towns around Charleston. Many of the businesses and local governments will send cars to auctions in Charleston to boost the chances of the autos actually being purchased. Some of the areas that most consistently send vehicles include North Charleston, Walterboro, Isle of Palms, Folly Beach, and Meggett.

Charleston, SC Government Auctions

Government auctions have become much more popular over the past decade and they are an excellent resource in this geographic area. You will always be able to buy a cheap car for auction in Charleston, SC from auctions being held by the government. Federal government auctions are often held in Charleston because of how easy it is to transport fleet vehicles there. Charleston has one of the largest ports on the East Coast and also has a number of interstates in the area including Interstate 26 and Interstate 95.

The other type of government auctions held in Charleston are city auctions. They tend to have several resources that draw in vehicles. It is important to note that while the overall crime rate in the area has been on the decline, one of the most commonly reported crimes is auto theft. Anytime that a stolen car is recovered, the previous owner has a chance to claim it, however this doesn’t always happen. In order to get rid of these cars, they will be added to local government auctions. Cars that were impounded because of violations like unpaid parking tickets or live-stop infractions will be impounded, just like stolen cars. If they are not recovered by the owner, then they will be sold at auction as well.

Charleston, SC Non-Government Auctions

There are several different types of non-government public auctions in Charleston, SC that provide you with a great opportunity to buy a cheap used car. Repossession or bank-owned auctions are becoming much more common. The first reason for this is transportation. Just like with government auctions, since it is so easy to transport vehicles to Charleston, a lot of the banks in surrounding communities will send their cars to the city. Additionally, banks and transportation offices can seize cargo at the port if the transportation expenses were not paid or the owner of the cargo defaults on a loan. The result of this is that a lot of cars which were in the port can get sent to an auction.

Another type of auction that has become more common is business fleet and former-leased car auctions. If you are looking to buy a cheap car for auction in Charleston, SC, then both of these sources can pay big dividends. A lot of businesses were hit by the tough economic times and the first response is to minimize the fleet of vehicles they run. These cars are normally sent to a public auction rather than being sold outright. Former-leased vehicles have been spotted with much greater frequency as well. This is because more people are deciding not to purchase the vehicle that they have been leasing. When this happens, the leasing agency takes ownership of the car. To liquidate it, they will send it an auction.

Take Advantage of Online Auctions in Charleston, SC

It doesn’t matter where you live, the unique set of variables in Charleston, SC make it a great place for online auction hunters. With the port and multiple interstate highways crossing the area, getting a car that you purchase shipped to you is easy and fairly inexpensive. If you live in Charleston, this doesn’t matter as much because you can pick up the car in person. If you live outside of a reasonable driving distance, then you can get the car shipped directly to you. Depending on the online auction site that you use, they will often have local contacts with auction houses or holding areas in your area. This is a huge benefit because since multiple cars may be shipped to your area, you will end up paying a lower shipping rate than if you decided to set up the shipping on your own.

Buy A Cheap Car For Auction In Charleston, SC

In the end, it doesn’t matter if you are a local or live across the country, there is a public used car auction in the Charleston, SC area that has a great deal waiting for you. The key is deciding what type of auction you are most interested in and tracking the auction dates. By using the tools at online auction sites, all of the leg-work can be done for you. The only thing that you need to do is decide which car you want to bid on next.

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