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It has become well-known you can buy cheap cars at Baton Rouge car auctions, but recently more people are turning to these auctions to buy cheap auto parts.  Baton Rouge holds a number of salvage car auctions on a regular basis which makes it an ideal location to get cheap auto parts.  While many people purchase salvage cars to repair them for themselves, many of the vehicles are badly damage which makes them ideal for parts.

Salvage Car Auctions Are the Way to Go

When it comes to finding used car parts, salvage car auctions are an excellent option.  This is particularly true for people who are rebuilding vehicles or sell used car parts.  To get the most out of these auctions, it is important to understand that many parts can be used on the same make and model across an entire generation of vehicles.

Buy a Car and Part It Out Yourself

In the past, many people turn to salvage auctions in order to generate a side income by purchasing vehicles and reselling them.  As more people got into this business who were not as mechanically inclined the trend of parting out a car became popular.  Even if you do not have an in-depth mechanical knowledge, it is fairly easy to buy a car and part it out yourself.  Plus, if you are fixing up cars, you can purchase a salvage car for the parts you need and part out the rest Ford additional income.  In many cases, you can generate enough income off of the parts you sell to cover your auction costs.

Make Sure the Salvage Vehicle Has Not Already Been Repaired

One attending a salvage auction in Baton Rouge it is critical to make sure the vehicle has not already been repaired.  Salvage cars which have already been repaired fetch top dollar which means they are a poor source of cheap auto parts.  Instead, focus on cars with noticeable cosmetic damage, especially if you are primarily interested in mechanical parts rather than cosmetic pieces.  On the flipside, if you need cosmetic pieces, look for cars that have fled damage because this type of damage primarily affects the engine and transmission whereas panels and windows remain relatively intact.

Always Focus on the Parts You Want – Not the Entire Vehicle

When first targeting vehicles of the salvage auction in Baton Rouge it is important to focus first on the parts you want, not the entire vehicle.  Even if a target vehicle seems like it could generate a tidy profit, it may take some time to sell off all of the parts.  This is particularly problematic if you are purchasing the vehicle for a specific part.  If specific parts are your area of emphasis, always focus on those first and the rest of the vehicle later.

Don’t Forget to Add In the Additional Value of Other Parts You May Acquire

In order to determine how much you’re willing to pay for a salvage car at a Baton Rouge auction it is important to consider the additional value of other part you may acquire.  While the additional parts should not be part of your initial decision matrix, it should help you determine how much you can spend on a vehicle and still generate a profit.

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