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A decade ago, the idea of going to public car auctions to get a great deal on a used car was a fairly novel idea.  Since fewer people knew about it, there was less competition to deal with, so it was easier to get cheap cars.  Today, using Riverside auto auctions have become fairly well-known.  As a result, you will be facing more bidders like yourself who are simply looking to save money on a quality used car.  This means that showing up is no longer in.  You need to develop a strategy which puts you in the best possible position to buy cars for cheap at upcoming Riverside auto auctions.  Fortunately, there are some very simple guidelines which can give you a definitive edge.

1.  Price Isn’t Everything

Of course the goal is to buy cars for cheap at auto auctions, but the price alone shouldn’t be your sole decision calculus.  A lot of people show up to Riverside auto auctions with the primary goal of spending the least amount of money possible.  This means that if you are choosing what cars to bid on based solely on price, there will be a lot of competition.  Plus, if you do not adding in potential expenses such as getting a tune-up or other maintenance then you could end up spending a lot more than you initially planned.

The first way around this potential trap is by focusing instead on the overall value of the purchase.  Most people who attend these auctions are either looking for the cheapest car possible or a particular model, normally a newer car.  This leaves a huge gap in the middle where you can get a higher quality used car without paying much extra.  As an added bonus, spending a few extra hundred dollars now could save you thousands down the road.

2.  Never Bid Blind

Another problem with focusing solely on price is that you will bid on every inexpensive car that hit the auction block.  A much more effective approach is to spend as much time as possible reviewing and inspecting any cars you could be interested in.  Gathering even a basic amount of information can give you a much clearer picture about the overall value of the car.  Some people recommend that you create a short list of cars to do in-depth research on before the Riverside auto auction begins.  While this is definitely beneficial, if you are still trying to find the best deal on cheap cars then you will likely need to broaden your net.  By collecting basic information about 10 to 30 cars that you think will go cheap, you will not only get a higher quality vehicle but also give yourself enough options that you won’t leave empty-handed.

3.  Take Advantage of Multiple Riverside Auto Auctions

A final guideline to buying cars for cheap at these auctions is to not all of your eggs in one basket.  In the past, your only option was to attend a single auction at a time.  By leveraging the power of online auto auction websites, you can track in place bids at multiple auctions simultaneously.  As an added bonus, the best online auto auction sites will provide all of the basic information about the vehicle to you automatically.  This not only cut down your research time, but also makes it easier to make accurate split second decisions.  Additionally, by tracking multiple auctions simultaneously, you multiply the amount of vehicles you could potentially purchase.

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