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Buy BMW Cars Cheap at US Auto Auctions

It might be surprising to find out that you can easily buy BMW cars cheap at US auto auctions. When most people think about car auctions, they picture former fleet vehicles, salvage vehicles, and cars that were impounded. The truth is that high-end luxury cars are more common than ever. They tend to come from repossessions and government seized vehicles. Fortunately, because most people don’t expect to find these vehicles you can often get them at great prices. Plus, most people that attend these auctions are looking to find everyday vehicles and focus more on saving money than paying a little more for luxury.

To give you a better idea of what to expect, here are a few examples of BMW cars that went cheap at US auto auctions in recent months. The first group of vehicles required no recorded repairs and several past a free auction inspection which certified that they were in working order. This goes far beyond simply being able to start and drive, rather they passed a detailed inspection.

This group is a cross-section of BMWs ranging from the early 2000’s to nearly new. The first is a 2004 BMW 325I. It had a market value of more than $16,500 and sold for $1200. Another example was a 2006 BMW 530XIT with 86,000 miles. It was reported to have a local market value of $32,600 and sold for $3500. Recently, an Arizona auction sold a 2009 BMW X54 $6100. It had only 30,000 miles and a local market value of nearly $43,000. There were also two 2011 BMWs sold in Texas and New Jersey that proved to be a great deal. The first sold for $5200 and had below 20,000 miles on it. It’s local market value was just below $60,000. The second had less than 5000 miles and sold for $7000, even though the local market value was nearly $44,000.

Along with buying BMWs which required no obvious repairs, another popular strategy has been to buy ones which required some work. This is because once you combine the cost of the repairs in the cost of the vehicle, you can still end up saving a ton of money. Plus, you are guaranteed that the BMW will be in great shape once you finally start driving. In Philadelphia there was a 2008 BMW with 46,000 miles that sold for just over $6000. It was estimated to require an additional $6000 in repairs, but the actual market value was nearly $39,000. In California, a 2011 BMW with only 2500 miles sold for just over $21,000. While it had an estimated repair cost of $22,000, it was still valued at well more than $60,000 in the local market. A final example can be found in Georgia. A 2011 BMW with 5600 miles sold for $14,900. It required only $4000 worth of repairs and had a value of $58,000.

As you can see, it can be extremely easy to buy BMW cars cheap at US auto auctions. All of these examples were sold across the country within the period of about three weeks. By utilizing online auto auction websites, you can expand your search and easily track auctions across the country in order to find a high quality BMW while still saving up to 80% off of the retail prices.

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