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Boise Car Sales and Auctions For Smart Buyers In Idaho

There are Boise car sales and auctions for smart buyers in Idaho, but have to understand the landscape in order to succeed.  Idaho in general offers a very different environment than most other states at auto auctions.  This is largely due to the fairly small number of highly populated areas, which is what makes Boise so important.  In order to help you get started, here is a quick introduction to the Boise area and other variables that affect car sales and auctions.  Next we will take a look at what being a smart buyer really means.

Unique Variables That Affect Boise Car Sales and Auctions

The most important thing to keep in mind is that Boise ID is not only the state capital, but also the most populated city.  Even so, there are only a little more than 616,500 in the entire metro area.  This means that you will find less auction houses that focus solely on auto auctions.  As a result, you can potentially see more competition.  Additionally, because there are fewer auction houses, Boise will host a majority of the government auctions that held within the state.  This includes federal GSA auctions, the State surplus fleet auction, county auctions, and of course city level auctions.  Since it is the most populated city in the state, by far, many surrounding areas will send their vehicles to auctions in Boise.

Another critical variable that will directly affect your ability to find great deals on quality used cars at these sales is the number of cars on the road.  Compared to most states, Boise has a disproportionately large number of vehicle owners which prefer trucks, even for daily commutes.  As a result, there are much fewer cars available at auctions than there will be in other areas of the country.  This can be a huge drawback because it could cause more competition among those searching for cars at auction.  On the other hand, most people who are looking for a car will also happily purchase a truck, which potentially means less competition as well.

What Does It Mean to Be a Smart Buyer at Auto Auctions in Boise Idaho?

Just buying a vehicle at auction doesn’t make you a smart buyer.  There are a few characteristics that all smart buyers have in common.  By discovering what they are, you can make sure that you come home with a great car at a low price.  Here are a few examples of excellent purchases at recent auto auctions in Boise ID.

If you are primarily concerned with paying as little as possible, while still getting a high quality car then opting for an older car with higher mileage is likely your best option.  A recent auction saw a 2004 Dodge Stratus go for only $400.  It only had 106,000 miles (which isn’t bad for a 2004) and was valued at more than $3000.

Another popular strategy has been to buy cars that have cosmetic damage that is expensive to repair because it drives down the value of the car without actually making it any less reliable.  For example, there was a 2007 Ford 500 which had only 75,000 miles which sold for just under $2000.  This is because there was significant damage to the rear bumper and side panel, which is expensive to replace.  As a result, most people ignore it.  A similar great deal was seen by someone who purchased a 2010 Audi A5 Quattro for less than $3,800, even though it has a market value of $43,500.  This sounds pretty amazing, but there was significant damage to the rear end, which included the two rear side panels.  Replacing the bumper and rear side panels is very expensive on high end cars like the Audi A5 Quattro, which drove down the perceived value of the car.  At the same time, it had less than 20,000 miles and the damage in no way impaired its road-worthiness.

From these examples, one thing should be clear – focusing on the actual value of the vehicle is key.  Paying $2000 for a $3000 car isn’t really a great deal, even though you didn’t pay much.  Focusing on value is all about looking at the percentage that you save.  This could mean paying $10,000 for a $35,000 car.

Of course, there are other things to consider as well.  Another thing that all smart car buyers in Boise Idaho have in common is that they know how to collect and organize information.  If you have never been involved with auto auctions, you may be wondering how much information you really need.  First, you need to find a way to track all of the upcoming auctions held at multiple auction houses.  While the two most popular are Brasher’s and Corbett, there are a number of other auction houses in the area as well.  Another key piece of information is finding a way to organize up-to-date listings.  This will allow you to quickly eliminate any car that doesn’t match your preferences.  Finally, you need to be able to research each car that you are interested in.  This includes the cars history and its current value.

This may seem like a daunting task, but smart car buyers have found a solution.  Online auto auction websites have teamed up with these local auction houses.  The result is a centralized location that will give you access to the most current information regarding the cars available, auction dates, and much more.  Plus, these sites provide additional organizational tools, such as search result filtering that will help you quickly identify what the best deals are going to be.

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