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BMW Car Auctions in Gilbert AZ to Save Money

Anyone in the market for high-end, luxury vehicle should consider a BMW.  Unfortunately, this type of car can quickly become expensive.  The best way to save money is to attend BMW car auctions in Gilbert AZ.  Gilbert features a variety of unique features which makes it an ideal location for bringing home a high end vehicle at a huge discount.

Phoenix Gets All of the Attention

One of the primary reasons Gilbert is a great place to attend BMW car auctions is because it is located near Phoenix.  A majority of car shoppers and auction goers automatically assume that heading into a major city is always preferable to spending time in the outskirts.  Gilbert AZ sits to the Southeast of Phoenix, but still lies within the Phoenix metropolitan area.  This means the auction listings tend to be similar to those found in Phoenix.  This includes the significant amount of high-end vehicles, such as BMW cars.

Know What Types of Car Auctions to Focus on

In order to successfully take advantage of BMW car auctions to save money, it is important to know what type of car auctions to focus on and which ones to avoid.  If you are set on purchasing a luxury vehicle such as a BMW then it is best to avoid any type of fleet auction.  This is especially true of government fleet auctions because they are primarily composed of midrange vehicles which were domestically produced.  The odds of finding a BMW are extremely slim.

The best type of car auction to attend if you are looking to save money on a BMW in Gilbert AZ is a repossession auction.  A majority of repossessed vehicles belong to owners who defaulted on their loans within the first few months of purchasing their car.  This means you will find a large number of fairly new and low mileage BMWs.  Another type of car auction to consider is a general public auction.  Unlike repossession auctions, which only include cars repossessed by lending institutions, general public auctions source vehicles from everywhere.  This means they will include repossessed vehicles, impounded vehicles, and even vehicles from private sellers.  With such a diverse auction listing, there’s a good chance you will find multiple BMWs available at most general public auctions.

Phoenix Auction Listings Are Easier to Find

The final reason BMW car auctions in Gilbert AZ are a great place to save money is because they get less publicity than in surrounding areas.  Marketers and advertisers understand that most people want to head over to Phoenix in order to attend car auctions.  As a result, Phoenix auction listings are much easier to find because they are advertised more heavily.  This is a double-edged sword.  On the positive side, this further decreases the number of potential bidders at any BMW car auction you attend in Gilbert.  On the negative side, identifying and tracking upcoming auctions in the area can be difficult.

To overcome this problem, the easiest solution is to take advantage of online auto auction websites.  These websites specialize in providing accurate, up-to-date information about every auction taking place in your surrounding area.  This allows you to find out about upcoming auctions in Gilbert before most other people.  Not only does ensure you won’t miss an option, but it also provides you with a listing in advance.  This will allow you to do additional research on any BMWs that interest you.

2005 BMW 330i

At a recent car auction near Gilbert Arizona, a savvy bidder paid less than $2000 for a 2005 BMW 330i with just over 100,000 miles.  The retail value for this vehicle is just over $9000.  It includes a manual transmission, 3.0 liter six cylinder engine, stability control, traction control, navigation system, and Bluetooth.

2008 BMW 328i

Another auction featured a 2008 BMW 328i with 53,000 miles on it.  The winning bidder paid $7000 which was well below the estimated retail value of $22,900.  This vehicle had only normal wear and tear.  It was a red four-door sedan with a 3.0 liters six cylinder engine.

2011 BMW 328xi (also referred to as a 328i xDrive)

A final example of how you can save money at BMW car auctions in Gilbert AZ is this 2011 BMW 328xi which sold for $9900.  It had only 18,000 miles on it, although there was noticeable damage to the top of the trunk lid.  This black four-door sedan had a 3.0 liter six cylinder engine and an estimated retail value of $24,685.  Additional features included all-wheel-drive, MP3 player, navigation system, Bluetooth, and side/curtain airbags.

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