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Public auto auctions are extremely popular options in the Augusta, GA area.  There are several popular options that always have great deals and give you a chance to bid and take home a great deal on your next vehicle.  The two most common options are the Salvation Army and the Augusta Auto Auctions in Georgia.  Both of these auctions are open to the public, which means that anyone can show up and bid.  Lets take a closer look.

The Salvation Army holds an independent auto auction in Augusta and is open to the public.  A large number of the vehicles available have been donated by the general public or by local used car dealerships.  If you plan on attending the Salvation Army auto auction, there are some things that you need to keep in mind.  The first is that you must register prior to the auction in order to actually make a bid.  Fortunately, registration is only $5 and can be done in person at the Salvation Army Headquarters.  Online registration is also an option and closes the Tuesday before the auction takes place. 

All vehicles are sold AS IS and since the cars are donated, there is a good chance that the Salvation Army will have little knowledge about the history of the vehicles, so it is important to do your homework before placing a bid.  If you place a winning bid at this Augusta public auto auction, your number will be announced, and payment will be made at the end of day.  When making a payment, it is essential to have a variety of information including: lot number, bidder number, state of residency, and the drivers license of the person whose name the vehicle will be in.  You will be required to pay the total plus a 7% sales tax and $18 title fee.

The most popular public auto auction in the area is held by Augusta Auto Auction Inc. (Formerly known as Hilltop Auto Auction)  Not only do they have public auctions on a regular basis, but they also are in charge of the local motor vehicle auctions that are held on behalf of the US Marshals Service.  Since they do both private (dealer) and public auto auctions, it is important that you show up for the right one.  Currently, the public sale is every Friday night.  It begins at 6:30 and the gates open at 4:00.    It is extremely popular because it is currently the only publicly-owned whole car auto auction service with multiple locations.

This auction house uses a fairly unique light system to help bidders know exactly what they are getting.  If the light is green, then the vehicles are guaranteed to have no single repair over $500.  A yellow light means that vehicle is sold with caution concerning a specific, known problem that will be announced before bidding starts.  A red light means that vehicle is sold AS IS and a blue light means that vehicle is being sold without the title present, rather it is attached to the current seller. 

Both of these opportunities are an excellent way for people to bid at Augusta public auto auctions.

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