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Best Cars for Sale at Kansas City Online Auto Auctions

Over the past several years, there have been a variety of excellent deals at Kansas City online auto auctions.  During the same time, a growing number of Kansas City auto auctions have moved from a live setting to an online platform.  This is made some people hesitant to bid because they are unfamiliar with the online bidding system.  To understand what type of opportunity this presents, it is important to know more about the online auto auction platform.  The more someone understands about the platform, the better they can position themselves to purchase the best cars for sale at Kansas City online auto auctions.

An Overview of the Kansas City Online Auto Auction Platform

The first step is taking a closer look at the online auto auction platform used in Kansas City.  There are five key points which are essential to understand about bidding online.  While the overall process is fundamentally the same as a live auction, there are a few key differences which give the savvy bidders a huge advantage.  Not only does this online auto auctions make the entire process easier, but it also provides greater opportunity to get the best cars at rock-bottom prices.

1) Bid Early

One of the immediate differences between Kansas City online auto auctions and live auctions is the bidding time.  Online auctions typically allow bidders to place bids days or weeks in advance.  This can be an advantage to the bidder in two different ways.  The first is it provides insight into which cars are going to be the most popular among competing bidders.  All of the vehicles which receive multiple early bids are likely going to garner more interest as the auction goes on.  While some of the best cars will inevitably gain significant interest, there will always be a handful of quality, reliable used cars which get ignored.  By identifying these cars early, bidders have more time to do thorough research and create an effective bidding strategy.

The second benefit is new cars are added to the listing up until the close of the auction.  While other people are focused on cars which have been listed for several weeks, savvy bidders can hold out and focus their attention on all of the late additions.  Since there is less time for background research and comparisons, these cars often offer the best overall value.

2) Bid in Real Time

Along with bidding early, many Kansas City online auto auctions are also paired with live auctions.  This means people no longer have to attend the auction in person in order to place a bid.  Instead they will use streaming video to place bids in real time.  The biggest benefit of this feature is the ability to track multiple auctions in Kansas City simultaneously.  By having access to multiple auctions, it is easier to identify the best overall vehicles.  Plus, most auto auctions have multiple auction blocks operating simultaneously.  It is much easier to keep track of multiple auction blocks by viewing multiple live feeds than trying to do the same thing in person.

3) More Information Upfront

Online auto auction organizers understand that some people are inherently hesitant to bid online.  To compensate for this, they provide much more information about the vehicle upfront.  Additionally, a majority of Kansas City online auto auction platforms have created a variety of safety nets to ensure the bidder receives information which is 100 percent accurate.  In many ways, this makes online auto auctions much safer than live auctions.  Information is always the bidder’s best friend and more information is always ideal.

4) Vehicle Information Cannot be Misrepresented

Along with getting access to a much larger amount of information, vehicles cannot be misrepresented.  If incorrect information is published on the online auto auction websites, the bidder has a right to retract their bid.  At a live auction, this is rarely an option.  As a result, the online auto auction platform provides significantly greater buyer protection they live auctions do.

5) Research and Organization is More Centralized

The final benefit of looking for the best cars available at Kansas City online auto auctions is the research and organization phase.  At a traditional auction, participants must gather background information on their own and organize it however they like.  If multiple vehicles are being targeted, it is easy to get information mixed up because of poor organization.  The online auto auction platform provides a centralized location which allows bidders to do all of the research and organization they desire.  Not only does this ensure everyone has access to more information, but the information is easier to organize and store.

Some of the Best Cars Sold at Recent Kansas City Online Auto Auctions

  • 2004 Ford Focus

At a recent Kansas City online auto auction, a 2004 Ford focus was sold for less than $500.  This four-door sedan was a bank repossession with nearly 150,000 miles.

  • 2006 Mercedes Benz ML500

Another great deal was a 2006 Mercedes-Benz ML 500.  It had an estimated value of $21,000 and the winning bidder paid less than $7000.

  • 2009 Toyota Corolla

One of the best deals found at the Kansas City online auto auction was a 2009 Toyota Corolla.  It had an estimated secondary market value of just under $18,000 and the winning bidder paid less than $4000.  What made this car stand out was that it suffered from hail damage.  While there were noticeable indentations on the hood, roof, and trunk it ran great.  Without close-up photos, the hail damage was not even noticeable.

  • 2012 Nissan Versa

The 2012 Nissan Versa had less than 6000 miles on it and a local market value of more than $15,000.  There was some noticeable rear damage from a small accident; however the vehicle still functioned properly.  The only recorded damage was cosmetic.  The winning bidder paid less than $4000.

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