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Many people are overlooking the bargains at Fort Lauderdale government auctions.  With so many densely populated areas in Florida, it is no surprise that places like Miami and Orlando are often the primary areas in which people search for auto auction deals.  However, upon closer inspection, Fort Lauderdale should definitely be on your radar.  It has a number of advantages that many of more popular auction spots don't offer.  Here is a quick look at why bargains at Fort Lauderdale government auctions are incredibly common and is definitely worth considering the next time you are looking for a used car.

The first reason that bargains at Fort Lauderdale government auctions are so common is because these auctions are overlooked.  Because so many people expect the best deals to be in Miami and Orlando, they will never even consider Fort Lauderdale as an option.  This means that at every government auction, you will likely face less competition.  With less competition, you can gain several advantages.  First, because there are less bidders, the average price per vehicle can be lower than other auctions.  Second, with less competition, you will likely have less bidders in direct competition for the vehicle that you want.  Finally, because there are less bidders, as long as you go into the auction with a short list of about 5 vehicles, there is a good chance that at least one of those cars will go for the minimum bid.

The second reason that there are bargains at Fort Lauderdale government auctions is because of the type of tourists that are attracted to Fort Lauderdale.  For example, Fort Lauderdale is one of the most popular Spring Break destinations in the country.  That means there are a lot of irresponsible college kids that will get their car impounded for a variety of reasons such as impaired driving, parking in no parking zones, and even small accidents.  Because these kids are in Fort Lauderdale for only a short time, it is much less likely that they will actually get their car out of impound.  Once you consider the cost for them to come back to Fort Lauderdale after their trip to get the vehicle, as well as the actual cost of getting it out of impound, it is actually cheaper for them to simply find another used car.  This means more high quality vehicles are at Fort Lauderdale auctions than at auctions in Miami and Orlando.

As you can see, Fort Lauderdale could easily be the place you find a great bargain at a government auto auction.  First, you will face less competition, which not only means a deflated average price per vehicle, but also a lower chance that someone will be bidding on the same vehicle that you are.  Second, because of the type of tourist that Fort Lauderdale attracts, there are a larger number of vehicles that get left behind than in other areas in Florida.  When both of these factors are combined, it should be easy to understand why there are so many bargains at Fort Lauderdale government auctions.

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