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Baltimore Public Auto Auctions

Like all other auctions the things to expect at Public Baltimore Auto Auction will be cars from used car auctions, repo auctions and police auctions. There will be vehicles which have been impounded or seized, surplus government vehicles and also those which have been salvaged from accidents and are being sold by the insurance companies. All these vehicles are cheap cars which are being sold at less than 50% of the retail market value as the aim of the auctioneer is to sell them off as fast as possible and save the money spent on storage and maintenance of these vehicles.

Be smart in picking your vehicle

Once you have the comprehensive list of vehicles at any of the auctions, select a few which are suitable for you and get more information on the history of the vehicle. Even after you have this information it is better to inspect the vehicles physically so that you know exactly what you are going to end up buying and do not get into a situation where you have to spend a lot on the repairs of the vehicle in future. Most vehicle auctions permit the prospective buyers to inspect the vehicles and also to bring along an expert who knows about cars.

They will allow you to check the exteriors and the interiors of the vehicle and also rev up the engine to hear its sound, but you will not be permitted to move the vehicle from the spot where it is parked at the auction site. This should be sufficient for you to get a good idea on the condition of the vehicle.

Assess the value of the vehicles now

Once you have inspected the vehicles of your choice at the government auctions and other local auctions, you will have a general idea about their condition. Armed with this information you can find out what these cars would cost in the open market. Whatever the retail value of these cars, they will cost you much less at the auctions as auctions are supposed to sell the vehicles really cheap. When you do start bidding for the cars be sure that you keep an upper limit according to the assessed value of the vehicle and do not bid beyond this. It is always wise to keep a budget so that you do not end up bidding too high in your enthusiasm to get the car for yourself. A budget in mind is always a good way to control overspending.

Loans for buying your used car

There are facilities to get a loan to buy your used car at all live auctions and even at online auctions. The auctioneers themselves will introduce you to the banks or financial agents who can give you a loan if you are running short of money to buy your used car. This is where you should once again use your discretion and check out the interest rates before you finally take a loan.

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