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Don’t wait for the police car to get you, you get them at the police car auctions. Everyday thousands of cars, buses, pick up trucks and all kind of other vehicles are repossessed through loan defaults, seizures, illegal possession and various other arms of law. These involve a huge cost for ensuring their storage and warehousing. The Police car auctions are held to sell off these vehicles at throwaway prices.

Why do you want to pay thousands of dollars extra and let the car dealer laugh all the way to the bank, when you can get your dream machine at a much lower price. The Police car auctions maintain a proper database and information regarding all the vehicles up for sale in the auctions. As for the vehicles that had served the police force they must have been on the road and served thousands of kilometers before they are stripped from the force and put up on the hammer to be sold at Police car auctions. The fact remains that all police vehicles are maintained to the hilt while they are in action, and once they serve their period they make way for the upgraded reinforcement to take their place. They are still in perfect condition to serve the purpose of a family car and are available at throw away prices.

Well, the vehicles sold at the police car auctions are not just good vehicles that had been maintained well during their service to the force but they are economical too. Time to let the expensive car deals from car dealers be a thing of the past, save thousands in commissions, hidden expenses and dealer costs.

The money raised from these auctions help the police force meet the expenses of up gradation. It’s cheaper for them to sell the car at cheaper rates rather than park them in their parking lot. Sound nice! It feels nice too to own the desired wheels at cheaper rates.More than 25% of the total car sales in UK are from regular police car auctions around the country. In the US, the figures are almost the same and its fast catching up in other parts of the world. After all who doesn’t want to get a better deal. Register at the nearest police car auction and get yourself the right wheels.

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