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Auto Auctions near Norfolk VA for Cheap Deals

The past several years has shown Virginia residents that auto auctions near Norfolk are a great source of cheap deals.  While much emphasis is still placed on Norfolk VA itself, there are a growing number of quality auto auctions in the surrounding areas as well.  In order to take advantage of these auctions, savvy buyers must not only locate upcoming auctions but efficiently and effectively prepare for them.

Areas around Norfolk to Consider

Depending upon how far you are willing to travel to attend an auto auction, there are a handful of areas around Norfolk which are excellent sources of reliable used cars.  Popular destinations include Newport News, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Virginia Beach, and Cape Charles.  Unfortunately, there are number of potential problems you will run into when trying to keep track of all of the different auto auctions near Norfolk VA. Many people have discovered the best solution is to utilize online auto auction websites.

Potential Problems and How Online Auto Auction Websites Can Help

1. Be Everywhere with Live Auctions Online

The most common problem people have is trying to take part in multiple auctions simultaneously.  Since all of these areas surround Norfolk, it is impossible to attend each auction when they are taking place at the same time.  The easiest solution to overcome this problem is by using online auto auction websites to participate in live online auctions.  In some circles, this is referred to as a simulcast auction.  You gain the ability to place bids as the auction is actually taking place.  You gain all the benefits of attending a live auction without actually having to go anywhere.  In fact, you can participate in multiple online simulcast auctions at the same time without ever leaving your home.

2. Proxy Bidding is Another Solution

Another way to deal with the geographic problems associated with targeting auto auctions near Norfolk VA for cheap deals is by proxy bidding.  With a proxy bid, you place a maximum bid before the auction begins.  A proxy bidder at the auction then bids for you in specified increments until the bidding exceeds your maximum bid.  Of course, if the bidding does not exceed your maximum bid, you only pay the final bid price – not your stated maximum bid.  This will allow you to mix and match auto auctions because you can place proxy bids that some while attending others or taking part in simulcast auctions.

3. Find, Track, and Sort Listings in No Time

The final problem many people run into when trying to stay on top of so many different areas is finding upcoming auctions, tracking listings, and sorting through the listings to find potential target vehicles.  The best online auto auction websites not only find in track all of the upcoming auctions for you, but they also provide free tools which make it easy for you to store the listings based upon your personal preferences.  This allows you to instantly sort through multiple listings within a matter of seconds rather than manually pouring over it each listing individually.

Finding Auto Auctions Online

2009 Toyota Scion

At a recent auto auction near Norfolk VA eight 2009 Toyota Scion was purchased by the winning bidder for $3500.  There was some damage to the side panel, although it appeared to be entirely cosmetic.  The vehicle started and drove with no problems.  Additionally, it had only 71,000 miles on it.  The estimated retail value of this vehicle was just over $11,000.  It was a purple hatchback to door with a 2.4 liter four-cylinder engine.

2004 Honda Accord

Another great deal found at an auto auction near Norfolk was eight 2004 Honda Accord.  The estimated retail value of the vehicle was just over $6500, but the winning bidder paid less than $1500.  This tan four-door sedan had less than 115,000 miles and only minor dents and scratches.

2003 Mazda Protégé

At a local auto auction, a small group of donation vehicles were made available.  One such vehicle was a 2003 Mazda protégé with 120,000 miles.  Aside from normal wear and tear, there were a few minor dents and scratches but no major damage.  This four-door sedan was gold with a 2.0 liter four-cylinder engine.  The winning bidder paid less than $1000 for it.

2005 Saturn Ion

At a local repossession auction, a winning bidder brought home a great deal on eight 2005 Saturn Ion.  Outside of normal wear and tear there was no noticeable damage, although there was not an accurate odometer reading available.  This four-door sedan was silver in color and had a 2.2 liter four-cylinder engine.  It can be difficult to gauge the value of vehicle without an accurate odometer reading; however no one can argue the winning bidder got a great deal by paying only $300 for a vehicle that started and drove smoothly and had a clean title.

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