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Auto auctions in Atlanta, GA:

Auto auctions in Atlanta, GA and the many federal, government and state, law enforcement organizations have regular auctions of the unclaimed seized and surplus properties like automobiles, real estate and even various home equipment. These local auctions are generally referred to as government auctions. The models and makes of vehicles which are sold at these auctions are of all types like convertibles, vans, minivans, sedans, coupes and SUVs. These vehicle auctions are very popular and there is a large number of the public that participates in them. This is because cheap cars are available at very affordable prices. The only criteria is that the buyer should possess a valid drivers license and be at least 18 years old.

How to decide on the right vehicle to buy

It is important to inspect the vehicle before you decide to bid on it. Most auctions allow prospective buyers to inspect the vehicles during the two day appraisal time prior to the auction. Though in most of the auctions you will not be permitted to drive the vehicle, the buyer is allowed to start the vehicle and check the interiors and exteriors quite thoroughly.  This is something that all buyers should view seriously, as once they buy the vehicle they should realize that there is no guarantee or warranty should something go wrong. Government auctions do not charge any registration fees and what you end up paying is only the price of the vehicle. The same terms and conditions apply to auto auctions in Atlanta, GA. If you are not competent enough to technically check the vehicles out you can always take along a qualified person to the government auction to help you with this job.

How to locate government auctions

Such vehicle auctions are held in every town and city of the country almost every day and finding out information about these repo auctions is no problem. You could personally call at the offices of the local government agencies or at the state and federal offices to ask about where and when such auctions are being held. Banks and institutions who have financed loans for buyers will also know about the repo auctions and the vehicles which they are putting up for sale here. Auctioneers who conduct such auctions for clients will also be able to give you information on the repo vehicles that are being sold through them.

Incase it is not possible for you to put in this effort to go and meet people you could do an online search and find out where the auctions are being held and get a comprehensive list of the vehicles with them.

Make a list of suitable cars

From the lists that you have collected from various auction sites you can short list vehicles which you feel are suitable for your needs and find out more about their history. This will help you in gauging their condition and the nest step would be to check them out personally and see if they are in good condition.

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