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Many people overlook the benefits of attending auto auctions at New York car yards.  The truth is that they are often one of the best places to find great deals on quality vehicles.  The key to taking advantage of these deals is knowing how to find these auctions and what to expect once you do.  Most people know that car yards get their vehicles by towing them for one reason or another.  However most people don’t know that some New York car yards actually do some towing for the city as well as businesses.  This means that you will find a much larger variety and higher quality vehicle that expected.  Here is a closer look at why auto auctions at New York car yards may be exactly what you want.

All of the vehicles that you will find at auto auctions at New York car yards will be from one of two places.  The first is from a government requested tow.  This could be from a live stop, accident, or abandoned vehicle.  Instead of impounding the car at the government impound lot, the car yard that does the towing will hold the vehicle until the owner pays for the related towing and storage expenses.  The other source is from business parking lots or anywhere else that has private parking such as apartment complexes.  Just like with a government tow, the owner of the vehicle must pay all of the towing and storage expenses.

So thebigger question is why are some of these vehicle left to be sold in auto auctions at New York car yards.  There are normally two reasons for this.  The most common reason is that the owner of the vehicle simply can’t afford to get the car out.  Car yards only have to hold the car for a certain amount of time before they have legal right to sell it to recoup costs.  Normally this time period is 30, 60, or 90 days.  After that amount of time has elapsed, the car yard will add it their auction.  Sometimes the cars are put up for auction simply because the owner never found it.  There are hundreds if not thousands of car yards around New York, which means that sometimes the owner will never find out which car yard actually towed their car.  While this is a rarer occurrence than non-payment, it can be an issue.  This is especially true when a car is towed from an area without a posted towing sign.  While most places will have a sign stating that cars will towed along with a phone number for the regular tow company, not all do.

There are several reasons that auto auctions at New York car yards are a hidden gem is not only because most people don’t know about them, but also because the variety is unpredictable.  Fortunately, you don’t have to call to get a listing on a weekly basis, there are several online auction sites that get listings from New York car yards on a regular basis.  By leveraging online auto auction sites, you can get regular updates with little effort on your part.

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