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Austin car auctions: Tips for buying at surplus vehicles auctions

Get to know how to buy a surplus vehicle from Austin car auctions and make a profitable deal. Several of the government, federal and legal agencies, auction their surplus vehicles and other seized properties at government auctions. These gov auctions are actually collectively called so, but are in reality police auctions, repo auctions, used car auctions and any other kind of vehicle auction put together under one umbrella. These auctions take place regularly in various towns in the states of the country as it is necessary to dispose of the vehicles as soon as possible. Maintaining and storing these vehicles is a drain on the government financially, and in selling them a lot of money can be saved for the government. So by selling them for a much cheaper price than the actual market value the government stands to gain in the long run.

Who is behind these vehicle auctions

These auctions are held by several of the government departments who legally confiscate and impound vehicles and properties for nonpayment of taxes, criminal activities and also non repayment of loans which have been availed of for buying some of the vehicles. Once they have confiscated these vehicles and also other properties, they are put up for disposal at various local auctions so that some of the money can be recovered by selling them.
Government and legal departments who are responsible for this are DOT, state police, Border Patrol, Homeland Security, Department of Treasury, DEA, IRS and the FBI to name a few. Lending organizations and banks are also involved in confiscating vehicles when the loans are not paid back by buyers. The auctioneers however, are usually private ones who are taken on contract by these government departments to conduct the auctions for them.

How to locate these auctions

These auctions are all happening around us, but few know about them. For cheap cars which are in well maintained conditions there is no better way than buying you used car from one of the local auctions. There will be classified ads in the daily newsletter about these auctions and also on the television. However, the best way to get information on these auctions is to do some research online. An online search will give you a long list of auctions which are happening all over the country and you can select those which are taking place in your own locality and find out more about them. The online search will also give you details like the date time and venue of the auction. Make sure you put this information down in your reminder or diary so that you do not miss out on the auction. The auctions take place in the same town at regular intervals so if you do miss out on one you can be sure that there will be one more of these auctions shortly in your town. Register with the auctioneer online and you will be able to go through their database of vehicles to choose from.

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