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Audi TT Coupe Quattro TDI

Audi has released its new oil burner (diesel powered) sports car – the TT Coupe Quattro 2.0.  As turbo-diesel cars have become mainstream in recent times, sports cars seemed to have been overlooked somewhat.  But Audi has come up with a superb car with good torque and excellent fuel economy.  There are now eight TTs to choose from including the TDI Quattro.


Audi is well known for its quality of finish and interior.  The TT Quattro is no different.  Predominantly black with buttons backlit in stark red, everything is easy to find and operate.  The “cockpit” provides a brilliant driving position that does not require too much effort to enter.  In the front leg room and headroom is limited but, after all, this is a sports car.  Still it does offer folding rear seats, which gives some practicality.


The TT Quattro has excellent grip which is the hallmark of Audi’s all-wheel system.  In combination with the high torque levels and the TT becomes a mean machine without the big engine.  The key to its on road performance is its low weight.

The TT comes only in a six-speed manual so an automatic is not available in the diesel.  It has a power output of 125 kW (172PS) and 350 Nm of torque. Yet at the same time the TT Coupé consumes on average only around 53.3 mpg.

What’s Included

The standard gear is limited which may disappoint some buyers.  The starting base price gives you climate controlled A/C, leather trim, cruise, auto headlights and wipers, six-stack CD stereo and 17 inch alloys.  But, as always, other Audi extras are costly.


Audi calls it “guilt-free motoring” given the impressive fuel consumption (it is the second most economical car in the Audi stable).  While there is some compromise on performance and sound with the TDI, there is still a whole lot of fun to be had driving this car.

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