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Audi Auto Deals at Memphis Car Auctions

Memphis is a wonderful city, full of cultural history, and Southern charm. Truly, to experience Memphis, is to experience America. Similarly, luxury car brands offer the buyer an experience that’s as unique as the person who buys it.

If you want total seclusion from the outside world, a Lexus would surely fit the bill. However, if you actually enjoy being behind the wheel. Only an Audi will do.  Audi’s are designed for people who like to drive. This becomes very apparent as soon as you pitch it into a curve. The steering is tight and responsive. Its perfectly balanced chassis sorts out the bumps, while keeping you glued to the road. And, don’t forget about Audi’s race-bred Quattro AWD system. It can turn these luxury liners into real contenders.

An Audi can certainly help you make the most of your morning commute. But, you’re going to pay handsomely for all this refinement. Especially if you buy it from a dealer. However, there is a way for you to have your cake, and eat it too. It’s called an auto auction..

Private owners, dealers and government agencies all use auto auctions to liquidate their cars. From late models, to vintage and collector cars. There’s bargains to be had, if you’re a smart shopper.

Memphis has a ton of car auctions that will allow you to buy the Audi of your dreams, and save a ton of cash in the process. There’s bank auctions where you can buy repossessed cars. And, you can even buy seized cars at police auctions for pennies on the dollar!

To find a car auction, check the internet for online auctions, and online auction services in your area. You can also look in the yellow pages, or local papers like the Daily News for upcoming auctions. However, online auto auctions can really simplify the whole process for you.  Think ebay convenience, without all the hassle. But, don’t expect to find perfect cars at these car auctions.

Sure, you’re going to save $3-5k, but many auction cars will need new tires, brakes, tuneups etc. But, you’ll be told upfront what the car needs, before you bid. Plus, you’re probably going save more than enough money on the purchase price to cover any repairs that the car might need.

In an online car auction, you can browse the different cars being offered for sale. These listings typically include photos of the vehicle, a synopsis of the mechanical condition, along with other pertinent information relating to the sale of the car. Such as…

As-Is sale. This means that the car is being sold exactly the way it is. If it needs tires, brakes, or just a good wash, that’s going to be the responsibility of the buyer. There’s usually no warranty, unless manufacturers warranty is still in effect.

A No-Reserve auction means that the high bidder will get the car. The opposite of this is an auction with a Reserve. This means that the owner won’t sell the car until the bid price either meets, or exceeds his price.

At first, figuring out all of the details might seem a bit daunting. But, a good online auction service will help you navigate the ins-and-outs of each auction.

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