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Buying government auctions cars trucks and SUVs is a great idea to save money and spare you the hassle of haggling with private dealers. The state, county or federal car auctions are cheap car auctions that beat all other used car auctions in terms of variety and pricing. If your neighbor is flaunting his new possession claiming that it cost just a few hundred dollars, chances are high that the car was purchased at the nearest local car auction in town or online. Read on to find the answers to some common questions regarding these beneficial car auctions.

What is meant by government auto auction?

The government organizes auctions in every other city, state and county of the United States. Police car auctions and repo car auctions are the two kinds of cheap car auctions conducted by approved auction centers. Seized cars from people involved in illegal activity and bank owned cars taken from loan defaulters are sold at low rates to the general public by way of auctions. These federal car auctions are held to get rid of the surplus vehicles under government custody. Authorities like the GSA are in charge of such sales.

Where to find government auctions online?

There are authentic government sanctioned web sites for used car auctions. In these auctions cars trucks and SUVs can be purchased by registering and submitting the bid online. Such a facility offers the convenience of ‘anywhere anytime’ bidding. And the variety is good, with pictures and details of all vehicles displayed online. Have the auctions cars you bought shipped to the desired destination immediately after winning the bid.

What about quality of cheap cars?

It is a misconception that government auctions cars are not of good quality. In fact, most vehicles are hardly a few months old. There are compact vehicles, pickups, crossover vehicles, sports models and many other cars. These are available for preview along with the necessary documents and vehicle history. This eliminates the possibility of ending up with a lemon. The vehicles are sold as-is but most of them are in very good condition, maintained by previous owners as well as the government.

How to participate in government auctions?

Registration is absolutely free! Entry is open for the general public. Dealing is directly with the government. No hidden charges are applied: the price is determined by participant bids. Federal car auctions have very low reserve prices. You can refer to Kelly Blue Book for the pricing estimate. People take home good cars for 40-50% off the market worth. Register and obtain your bidder id for the auction. Inspect the vehicles, bid on your favorites and pay for the car if you win the bid. Refer to sites like these for online used car auctions by the GSA.

Buying used car auctions cars and trucks is now a simple matter because you have all the information you need. Find guidance online from the government. Stay away from lemons and bring home good quality cars for a pittance with live auctions or online auctions for surplus government owned vehicles.

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