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Are Car Auctions a better alternative to Car Dealerships?

People have always purchased their cars from dealerships and seldom complained about it, until they discovered a better alternative: car auctions. There are many types of car auctions available to choose from, there are police auctions where seized cars are offered for sale for a fraction of their real price, and this type of auctions is considered one of the best. If you can get your hands on local listings for police auctions, then you will most certainly buy a very good car for a really, really cheap price. The other more common type is online car auctions, where one can find great deals on cars on local websites, such as EBay.  If you Google “online car auctions” you will find some good deals, but it all depends on where you live. If for instance, you live in New York City, then you will definitely find a large amount of car auctions to choose from, you might even find auctions that start at $0.

    A third option to buy a car through an auction is to look up government auctions, which is pretty similar to police auctions, where seized property (houses, personal belongings) are sold to the public. Anyone can participate in such events, but the difficult part is to find the listings of such auctions. If interested in government, you should probably consult your local yellow pages or your city’s council for the dates where auctions will be available.  

    It is only a matter of effort, you should look for such events every once in a while because they are very rare, government auctions offer the best deals and are often crowded, so you’d better hurry to get a hold of a great deal. Probably get there 2 to 3 hours before it starts.

    The best option is always the internet, online car auctions are always available, and you might not find crazy deals, such as cars for $500. But you will find some good ones; prices typically range from as low as $500 and go all the way up to $20.000. But if you can buy a Porsche for ten grand, wouldn’t you think that is a crazy deal.

    Now, let’s get to where you can find such deals. First, you will certainly use the internet, but that will be useful only for online car auctions. To look for government auctions, you might want to subscribe to a professional magazine which advertises the dates of these events. That kind of information is hard to find, so paying for it might be worthwhile. Police auctions on the other hand, can be found through various ways, the most common is to consult local listings.

   Don’t forget to look anywhere possible, before deciding to buy a car from your dealership, because you might be just a couple of miles away from the deal of your life.

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