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Albuquerque Seized Car Auctions Offer Bargains

Over the past several years, Albuquerque has been home to a growing number of seized car auctions.  Those attending these auctions have discovered an opportunity for significant savings.  Not only do seized car auctions tend to have a lower attendance rate than other types of public car auctions, but they also are not as well publicized.  The key to getting the best deals at Albuquerque seized car auctions is understanding the landscape.  Once you know what type of auctions there are and how to find them, they are similar to any other type of public auto auction.

Different Types of Albuquerque Seized Car Auctions

You think of seized car auctions, you probably picture and auction being held by your local police department.  This is definitely the most well-known type of public seized car auction.  In Albuquerque, local police departments hold these types of sales several times a year.  Most of the time, the listing is fairly large because the seized cars are combined with vehicles which were towed and never reclaimed.

Police department auto auctions have unpredictable listings which make them an excellent target for spotting bargains.  There is no telling what the other bidders are focusing on.  By remaining patient, you can simply wait until there is a car you are interested in that is not of interest to other bidders.  This is an especially good strategy if you do not have a certain type of car which you are focusing on.  At these types of auctions, leaving your perspective targets as broad as possible can significantly improve your chances of landing a great deal.

A lesser-known Albuquerque seized car auction is held every year by the Tax and Revenue Department.  Most years, this auction is held in late January or early February.  Depending upon how many cars are seized throughout the year, several additional auctions may be held.  This is one of the more unique types of seized car auctions to attend because there is no way of knowing what you could find.  In fact, the 2011 Tax and Revenue Department seized car auction in Albuquerque featured a beautiful 1966 Chevrolet pickup.  Since this auction tends to have a smaller listing, normally only between 75 and 150 people show up – at most.  A majority of the people who attend will never place a bid, they simply enjoy showing up to the smaller types of auctions.  Plus, sometimes the Tax and Revenue Department will include other types of property which have been seized as well.

Another Albuquerque seized car auction option is held by the Marshals Service.  Not only can you get a great deal on a car, but the proceeds from these auctions are shared with local police agencies and help compensate crime victims.  Similar to the Tax and Revenue department auctions, the listing is completely different from one auction to the next.

At a Marshals Service seized car auction in early 2011, there were some particularly interesting cars available.  The highlight of the event was a 1965 Factory Five MK3 Cobra replica.  It was seized by the FBI in a case involving money laundering, bribery, and mail fraud.  There was also a 1997 Ford Mustang, which was seized by the DEA during a traffic stop related to an ongoing cocaine case.

Tracking down all of these different sources of Albuquerque seized car auctions can be difficult because they are not well publicized.  Many people have found that using a high-quality online auto auction website will give them access to all of the information they need about relevant upcoming auctions.  As an added bonus, you will not only receive information about seized car auctions, but every other type of car auction open to the public.

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