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Affordable Seized Cars at Boston Police Auctions

Do you want to look cool infront of the guys and gals? Do you want to see dangerous, yet accessible and thrifty?

Well, in Boston you can. What you want to do is to get down to a Police Auction and get yourself some pretty fly wheels.

Think about it – what do criminals need to get away? Well, they need speed, handling and glamour. Haven’t you seen Heat? And, it may be the case that you will get a nice stash of something in the glove box, if you’re lucky. I’m talking quality used cars here. Cheap cars.

Check out some recent examples of hot cars bought at auction:

1)      A 2006 Lexus Infiniti G35  – this used to be owned by some drug dealer or whoever and is valued at over 12,000 bucks. This was sold for nearly half the price at $7,000 – even though it was red.

2)      A real pimpmobile – 2009 BMW 328i – now you’re talking. Sold for $22,000 dollars. Pricy? Not when you consider that it’s worth $37,000 or so. You can make a whole Lexus as a saving.

3)      And finally, well, a 2008 Ford Mustang. Sold for under ten grand. When they cost $15,000 to buy new.

So what’s your issue? Do you think that the criminal would have a tracking device on their seized cars? Will be hunting down your cheap cars with a pistol, a crow bar and a vendetta to get back their previous set of wheels? Nope – this isn’t a Goodfellas movie here.

They probably are on too much crystal meth to realise that their car has been seized and couldn’t pick their BMW out of a line up of Deloreans.

And Boston, well it’s the place to go. Get yourself an affordable, quality used car. They don’t need to know that it was involved in that heist out of town. All they will be marvelling at how you can afford a BMW and a tank of gas, like, every week.

But are there things to look out for? Well, one thing for sure is to look out for damage. I’m not talking about bullet holes in the back of the trunk, but general damage.

You want to make sure it has not been crashed. At all. It could have had its rims grinded at the curb, it could’ve destroyed its front suspension running over cops. These things are to be avoided.

Though, to be fair, I’m thinking that each car would be involved some sort of massive drug deal or car chase. The cars are probably just seized from Enron employees or something.

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