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If you in the near future are planning to visit a police car auction, then this article is for you.  Are you thinking of purchasing a car but falling short by few bucks? Then we would definitely suggest you to visit a police car auction. After having read this article you would have a fair idea about “mindset” u should be taking along with you during your visit.
At police car auctions they are using government seized vehicles, or decommissioned vehicles that the agency no longer uses. Therefore you got to be extremely careful before purchasing the vehicle .You may get   the car of your dreams at amazingly affordable prize, But you may end up paying double the prize for its maintenance! So be very careful. Now the question is what do u do??? In such kind of an auction taking the car for a test drive may not be permissible but minimum you could do is listen to the engine. Next “must do” thing is going through an auto check history report, knowing you are buying a car from a police car auction! Further, always take along with you someone who has fair knowledge about the cars…be it your nasty neighbors…bear him   for sometime, take my word it will be worth it. In the end you don’t want to be cheated.
If it’s your first time it would be a good idea to start off as an “observer”. The reason behind this is, Many a times it’s the car dealers who are bidding at the police car auctions, and obviously  they posses far more superior knowledge then any beginner’s could. They are well aware of the market price. So for sure you won’t be wasting your time if u got to observe them.

Make sure before you visit a police car auction you do your homework well, do go through blue book well in advance. It may provide you with ‘trade in’ value, which is mostly lower, then market value. Once you decide to buy read the contract carefully before signing .Now let’s discuss money matters! Before you start bidding think very strategically it’s bound to help you.  You should know the market prize of the car even before you think of bidding. If you don’t then soon you may loose your appetite over paying much more then required.

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